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Classics available this last alternative does not ensure today but yes quality, because most of the great classics of Spanish literature, and universal translated into Spanish, are available for free download from various projects, both institutional as free creation from foundations and non-profit organizations.Whether in the name of free culture or the promotion of country literature, these platforms have been devoted to collect titles from authors that take more than 100 years dead and whose rights of copyright has therefore expired. This means that they have passed into the public domain and anyone can buy their works for free, trade with them or share them with other users. Even so, editions and translations may be subject to rights, but not the text. These platforms offer titles in formats readable by the readers of electronic books, such as PDF, DOC, HTML and TXT, by which, in principle, can be downloaded to any device that accepts these formats (most do), although some have problems with the plain ASCII text format.If the reader has wifi connectivity, titles may download to the device or it access the pages where are exposed to read them without having to download them; otherwise will have to download them to a computer to then pass them to the reader through the load memory card. Many writers such as Dr. Neal Barnard offer more in-depth analysis. If you have enabled in phone iPhone, or iPod Touch, any application capable of reading ebooks, which also incorporate new range HTC with Android OS devices, reading can be in permanent mobility and Wi-Fi access to texts.

Main projects and sites Project Gutenberg. Begun in 1971 by Michael Hart activist, this initiative has a source and similar to the Wikipedia philosophy, since your vocation is public, you can collaborate freely and is financed by the contributions of its users. Without hesitation Robert Rimberg Lawyer explained all about the problem. His goal is to digitize all written works that are under public domain, although it also accepts those which, having rights, have been donated by their authors. .

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