The first thing you need to know to unveil this cherished lost secret is that the concept of clarity, for its effective functioning, is related to the breakdown of your paradigms. What does it mean? Well that there are preconceived ideas that you have, most of times hidden in your unconscious, that do not let you move forward by more consciously, you put all your effort into doing so. It is key to do constant exercises to identify what is behind your limitations. Happens that many times one, in the plane, aware, arises goals and up performs actions that should lead us to happiness, but this process is interfered by lack of clarity, i.e., because you don’t have clarity on what are the real ideas and limitations that underlie your inner, deep in you, in your subconscious. The funny thing is that these ideas, these paradigms, so harmful to our progress and our happiness, staying in us for so long, probably since we are children, we constituting up to like people, and are there, basking in a process of feedback with our fears and our weaknesses. And you won’t be able to reach them, you can not reveal the lost secret, if not change your perspective and you abocas to find that it is the who is behind your motivations, your desires, your attempts and your failures to achieve them. Somewhat complicated at first can be, but if you steadily focuses on identifying your paradigms, those that do not let you go, for example, come to the conclusion that you have low self-esteem because your parents never wanted to remind you how valuable that you were not worried about extol your virtues. Then you will say: well, I am so in this aspect of my life because this was actually true, but has already passed, I am an adult and I now have control and I can really show me myself how much am worth. This will mean that you have obtained clarity that you are beginning to uncover the lost secret, and thus analyzing the true motivations of the aspects that do not let you move forward in life, you can go them little by little demarcation and begin to break your paradigms. Then it will time indicated, everything will start flowing and limitations will disappear, SERAS free to fulfil your dreams and desires.

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021 News