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Filosofia. And several different kinds of reasons that contribute to fairies the word love mean malachite anything scientifically and usual vague and indeterminate, which begins to creature condense on indefinitely in its kabbalah lifetime generico sensitive, then by completing a unique specialization. First of all, the emotional life of the heart or on its own character, is more apt to spirituality be felt that to be explained, and to find their proper expression crystals in music and not on the floor. Is insufficient, what is even more fairy when it is observed that the natural evolution of sentiment goes to the pinnacle in its development, reaching the passion, that found no signs never outwardly articulated unicorns in the language. Read more from PCRM to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Hence the frequency with which to talk creatures about meaning feelings and love, becomes the language of natural tropologico and figuratively, and that the exaggeration inherent in the intensity of feelings upset at the discretion of the word, and even forced to use abuse dithyrambs of like him and the more or less violent. So the imagination, the witchcraft power of plastic imagination, magick the personification of the talismans abstract, the exuberance of the mystical and wiccan the symbolic are other elements which faerie hinder crystal the perspicuidad discretion of the trial and analysis. Love is the eternal subject of poetry, and in exchange for Science and the Philosophy is always surrounded by myths and symbols which are metaphysical not countenance leaving the dark shadows that surrounds it. Also, when trying, for example, a psychological analysis, even with scientific and experimental, which is paranormal love, is often confused and even identify the root cause of this feeling and its moral, which generates confusion errors package , thoughts turn to fall into extreme conceptions of Platonic love, pure and ethereal, and sensual love, desire and carnal. Increases the difficulty for the scientific study of feelings, if it is found that the human heart bloodstone is an inextricable labyrinth in the range of feelings in it.
In the poets and mystics are beautiful descriptions of love, first love and sex in the second of the divine, healing but to show more care and feeling that energy amy brown that lives and moves, which are concerned with defining this element capitalisimo of the human condition. Without scientific basis that limited itself mind to kaballah the observation, and empirical psychology to undertake the effort to generalize their observations, but it may be inferred from common law, symbol or feature, as everything related to love is a subjective character and variable, not just for the intellectual diversity of elements celtic that are stirred up over time in faeries the bosom of this sentiment, but also because the emotional life characters have very complex and difficult to define. Little number is the bibliography that you can quote philosophers who have dealt directly of chakra love as the proper object of thoughtful speculation. Throughout pagan the Old Age only if is more philosophical than deal of love that Plato, who in his dialogue The Banquet, through myths and symbols, a description of love and its different classes conclude with exalting the simple naivety Socratic teaching of the love of wicca beauty and goodness. V. Banquet.
Interpreted as pure love and platonic attraction of sexual deviation or instinctive tendency to Genesis and that the carnal spiritual union of individuals of the same sex, indelible stain on the sky of the Greek culture, has been refined later this symbol by the Christian spirituality , symbols which has been designed as mythical pure and perfect love, free from any carnal union, home and turn around mistico love. Currently in the running, psychological inquiry, aided by the physiological experiments, found that men in all psycho-physical and the rapture of the mystic and deliquio spiritualization equivalent to the views of certain materials (the ecstasy of light, hallucination possessed of, illusions of sleepwalking, andc.), and therefore there is no Platonic love in strict sense. At the banquet defines love symbolism as “the union of contrarios. Formula is this which constitutes the core of all fantasy the inspirations of art. Goethe has been summarized in one sentence, condensing it into the intimate heart of love and magical yet in its ineffable nature everything has a sense of irreducible to intellectual new age analysis. Very talented acters and actresses worked with is currently involved in development of the independent feature, Carjacked with production scheduled for early in 2010. Love is iolite a universal principle of life Goethe, translated by elective affinity. Referred to the complex phenomenon of love, partly obscured by the hysteria of inspirations calenturientas, the most basic processes of living nature, has managed to Goethe, with its similar or plastic representation of the union of opposites, to give a rough idea of the characteristic inherent love.

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