Mind and Body Connection

There is much more on the idea of the connection mind-body than you think, and not all are crazy new age. The mind-body connection is based on the belief that their way of thinking affects how you feel. Your body reacts to his thoughts, feelings and actions. How our body speaks to us have all felt that our body tells us that something is wrong when we have much stress or anxiety, or when they are upset. Feel so can increase your blood pressure or you can even develop a stomach ulcer, especially after a traumatic experience such as a death in the family.

You can have a variety of physical pain and discomfort symptoms, a decrease in your appetite, digestive problems, lack of energy, dry mouth, headaches, increased blood pressure, difficulty sleeping, dizziness or palpitations. During moments of emotional stress and problems, your health also suffers and has an increased risk of developing a disease. When you are under stress, it is likely to do everything what you must to keep your body healthy. Surely not enough exercise or do not eat well during these times. How can keep it healthy to have a healthy mind and body connection? Get plenty of exercise along with yoga or meditation is a good idea. When you are feeling very stressed, you should take a deep breath and focus on the interior. You can also use positive affirmations to convert their negative thoughts into positive and healthy, and thus a good mind-body connection.

The positive affirmations should start with Yo soy, I have or I choose, and focus on the things that we want to make it happen. You can say: I am full of energy or I feel very relaxed and I am sure to be able to do everything. Maybe you feel weird doing this at first, but you will get used to it. How much more so, you will see further improvements in their physical and mental health. If it focuses on the positive side, your connection body/mind keep you in a good place mentally and physical.

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013 News