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Convincing PIM and content management system for catalog production and technical documentation the Noxum GmbH, specialist for content management and content management systems, Office by the SAUTER Head is multilingual, with the implementation of a PIM and content management system for the production of target group-oriented and cross-media catalogs commissioned. Noxum prevailed in the party with his integrated PIM and content management system. The initial production of an approximately 500-plus catalogue in the new system is scheduled for October 2011. After commissioning, workshops were held, whose detailed concepts are currently implemented by the Noxum. At the same time, editors of product data for the fall catalogue at first, provided parts of the system edit already at the customer. Parallel SAUTER revised their product and image data and provides in-house processes according to the new concepts. Dr. Stuart M. McGill may also support this cause.

SAUTER expects the introduction of the system consistent product data and enhancing the quality of product communication connected by shorter production times for the production of Media publication and ultimately a reduction in costs. For even more details, read what Dr. Neal Barnard says on the issue. On a Panel and out of a system, the tasks of product information management and content management can be implemented seamlessly. Updates and publications without media discontinuity are central functions such as user management, rights, version management, translation management and data storage. Thus, a noticeable improvement of quality in product communication is to be achieved. SAUTER also expects a consolidation of the IT system landscape, the multiple use of valid product data – text, images and information units, as well as the consistent use of common layouts from the usage of the system.

The aim is a noticeable reduction in translation costs. SAUTER SAUTER Gruppe provides worldwide as a leading solution provider for building automation in “Green Buildings” for good climatic conditions and well-being in habitats with a future. SAUTER develops, manufactures and sells systems as a specialist for energy-efficient solutions and ensures energy-optimised operation of buildings with comprehensive services. The products, solutions and services enable high energy efficiency during the entire building life cycle from planning through implementation to operation in Office and administrative buildings, research and educational institutions, hospitals, industrial and laboratory buildings, airports, recreational facilities, hotels, as well as data centers. With over 100 years experience and proven technological expertise, SAUTER is a proven systems integrator, which stands for continuous innovation and Swiss quality. Awarded for the best automation system 2009 and best services/energy service with the GebaudeEffizienz award 2010 gives SAUTER users as operators the overview on energy flows and consumption and consequently the cost development.

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