Juice To Lose Weight During Pregnancy

Few people are aware that juice during pregnancy can cause problems for the newborn. Why can’t be this? Because while the mother is taking the children, if the juices, the fetus is receiving an additional nutrition. Firstly, this nutrition can be too much of a vitamin or a certain mineral which could possibly cause damage. But more importantly, can also make the newborn child to be quick nutritionally deficient. For example, studies have shown that a mother who has a large amount of vitamin C during pregnancy may give birth to a child so suffering from scurvy. Why is this happening? Because once born, the child is receiving less vitamin C used to cause vitamin C to be deficient.

Responsible for juice is the approach that you want to animate. When juice responsibly, then do not overload the body and in its place, allows the body to work smoothly and without problems. A prescription to help with needs nutritional generals 2 oranges 3 leaves Kale 1 / 2 cup spinach 5 stems of esparrag you juice, mix and drink!The good news is, you can have this all days safely and know that you are giving to you already your baby something essential nutrition. For more information and recipes about juice slimming visit juice to lose weight.

Saturday, November 9th, 2013 News