Instinct, I Do Not Assent

Who has to command its restricted five sensible ones is the Human being. It is who must lead the substance and not be lead for that if he decomposes in the hour that it grants the freedom to it. Instinct, I do not assent The ones that trusts you are as the Sio Mount, that is not shaken, firm forever. Book of the Salmos, CAP. 125:1. The instinct, always the instinct, Pulling the Human being for low, As it was a bow, Inquebrantvel. The instinct, always the instinct, Trying to become dead person, Everything what the Human being, Brought in its plan, Of total evolution.

Instinct, I do not assent, he tries That me, he folds that me and that is esnobe, your power. You have to lose the reins of the force That becomes little All rise. You have to have an end So that it has at last the renewal of the Life That has of being lived, and to never extinguish themselves. The instinct, always hungry In its five directions, Leaves its shelters and comes to try the Being to make to fenecer it. However, the Immortal Spirit, Wins the body of meat, and never goes down to the valley, to perish.

Saturday, May 8th, 2021 News