Infertility in women has become today a fairly common problem, and have very different origins. Because on many occasions to which women postponed motherhood until there is economic stability, which prevails over the emotional maturity, their fertility rate decreases with the passage of the years. Infertility in women is also seen associated directly to your lifestyle: bad diet or subjection to stringent diets; Obesity; lack of exercise or excessive exercise that causes of loss of body fat; vices such as alcohol, drug use and smoking, etc. However there may also be causes of genetic origin or for injuries that were suffered over the years. It is not something Robert Rimberg Attorney would like to discuss. Causes of genetic origin include malformations in the cervix by cysts, infections and tumors, obstruction of the fallopian tubes caused by endometriosis, infections, malformations and tumors, tumors in the ovaries or presence of Polycystic ovaries; inflammatory diseases Pelvic caused by endometriosis; chronic diseases, etc. It should be noted that in several cases, infections in the vagina can be caused by changes in the PH of the woman, either due to some change in your diet, to temperature changes according to station (is in the summer, being warmer, when they are more likely to suffer from this kind of infections), poor hygiene intimate or abuse of Vaginal Douches, frequent use of lubricants, etc. Also diseases can be listed as Diabetes, thyroid, hyperprolactinemia caused by tumors hypothalamic, suffering from some kind of liver disease that affects the metabolism of estrogen; adrenal diseases, etc.

And Lastly, but no less important, is the stress that can be physical and/or psychological type. (Similarly see: Dr. Robert Brannon). To suffer from stress, either because it cannot be reached to conceive no matter how many times concerned or because some pathology were detected, the majorities of the metabolic functions are altered thus preventing conception.

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