Immune System

Imunologia Existem, beyond the natural barriers, inespecficas immune answers that if develop to fight any invader that if atreva to penetrate in the natural barriers and to infectar the organism (ROCK, 2008). The majority of the parasatisms is fought mainly by reply mediated for cells. Although the antibodies occur in the acute phase of the disease, they are incapable to confer a solid immunity to the reinfeces. However in natural conditions, children above six years and young up to 15 years, are more frequently parasitados, reducing to the 20 and 30 years; later, already in the oldness, the parasitism can prevail again. The rise of the eosinoflicas countings, that occurs in the parasatism cases, is fact sufficiently known, wants either the localization of the infestante agent in the digestive device, wants it if it makes in other sectors of the organism. The eosinfilos arrive at the action place directed by the set free ECF It for the mastcitos or basfilos activated for some mechanism, over all for the IgE. The eosinfilos liberate the PBM (bigger basic protein) that intoxica the parasites and cause its death.

In the anchylostomiasis the variation of the eosinoflica tax would oscillate between 5 and 72% (Values of reference 0-5% mm3). Cases exist where the eosinofilia can total lack in this helmintase. The eosinfilos increase to the end of the third week that occurs to the beginning of the infestation, raising after that its number until reaching its bigger value to the handle of the third month. From this time the eosinoflicas taxes diminuiram, until in the sixth month if it would verify the stabilization of the eosinofilia.

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