Healthy Men’s Contraceptive

Natural methods are methods whose responsibility is shared between both members of the couple, and in which no additives are used and foreign elements. The oldest method, and-perhaps-the most widely used throughout the history of mankind is coitus interruptus. Involves removing the penis from the vagina before ejaculation. It is one of the methods of contraception less effective, and often some semen is expelled through the penis even before ejaculation, and this may be sufficient to initiate a pregnancy. It is, therefore, a method highly recommended. Nor is it very comfortable, and proposes a sharp cut of the relationship at the time of greatest excitement.

The method of counting the days of fertility and sexual abstinence in that period is another natural methods and shared by both members of the couple. It requires training and practice to recognize changes in the female body, and a continuous effort and commitment, often difficult to enforce. Added to this, no one high degree of effectiveness. But it is an alternative for those who for religious reasons or otherwise do not want to interfere with the natural ability to breed. Consists of predicting what will take place the day of ovulation period, noting some signs in the woman’s body, such as cervical mucus changes, temperature, etc.. The couple who chooses this technique should keep a calendar to determine when ovulation occurs, and to abstain from intercourse for several days before and after that time. As hormonal methods of female contraception using a combination of estrogen and progesterone in doses that prevent ovulation and regulate menstrual cycles, there are methods that manipulate the male hormones to prevent sperm production.

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