Health Fair Online

Online only for a few weeks and already so successful. Online only for a few weeks and already so successful. The virtual health fair is launched until mid-August, and already nearly 100 booths have been purchased or ordered. This is a success that makes us proud of course a bit and shows us that the concept is very well received ‘, as Managing Director and project developer Sigrid Nesterenko. But due to many years of experience in the organisation of regional health fairs by Sigrid Nesterenko, the success is then actually not that surprising. Because over the years valuable contacts and experiences have been built and collected, which are incorporated in the The ease of use and overview was most important in the development of the project. The visitor to directly understand where to find what.

He should feel comfortable and curious looking for the booths. The exhibition halls are arranged by topic. So you can decide quickly whether you are more for classic Interested in medicine, naturopathy, weight loss methods, wellness & lifestyle or environmental medicine and detoxification. Follow others, such as dr. stuart mcgill, and add to your knowledge base. In the individual exhibition halls, you have not long to search: there are in each Hall an alphabetical subject listing, so that you quickly find relevant exhibitors for the topic you’re looking for. The company is present on their digital booth with personalized performances. With photos, company profiles, expert tips and news, the exhibitors show their range. Due to the very low level prices, small companies have an interesting way to present itself on this attractive platform.

The visitors benefit from the fair diversity this enabled and the steadily growing supply. Because this means the chance to learn about less known topics and companies in the. Namely they are not represented in the google ranking on the front seats. Visitors to the fair will receive health ebook a free and valuable. Who signs up for the free newsletter, receive this ebook Healthier with vital substances ‘ valued at 12.90. In addition to interesting information, the book contains also a voucher to the value of 10 for high quality nutrients. On the occasion of the opening of the exhibition, there is a raffle. 100 valuable health books will be raffled among the participants of.

Sunday, December 27th, 2020 News