Hamburg Nutrition

New shop-in-shop shelves of body attack sports nutrition now in many fitness stores the product diversity is extremely, the offer grows steadily and the information is often poor. More and more consumers of nutrition looking for more and better information and individually tailored recommendations, concerning their products. /a>. The Hamburg company body attack sports nutrition ( takes this demand remains intense. A body attack has integrated a nutrition Advisor at his clear website, which responds to the needs of the respective sports and athletes. Also sports enthusiasts and customers can choose a free and personal consulting by chat feature or by telephone with one of the body attack nutrition scientists.

Questions and wishes are treated individually and confidentially. Body attack another big step in terms of service has recently resellers of its products. In addition to the own body attack shops, there are the a body from now fitness shops, Attack shop-in-shop system “have installed. This custom-built shelves be adapted to the properties of the respective shop and achieved a better customer management and customer satisfaction. These shelves contain the most popular products of the brands of body attack, EFX and MET-Rx. deliberations of the sales staff trained body attack employees also belong to the scope of the service.

Sunday, January 10th, 2021 News