Hair Texture

When deciding a hair routine, you must first determine what type of hair. Hair texture is an important part of determining how to cut hair, how to wash and to what types of gel or mousse you need to use. If you have fine hair, cutting in long angled layers around her face, leaving the rest to shoulder height. Color will add an aspect of volume, but if you're not a fan of hair coloring, you can try highlighting the top layers. You may have to wash your hair twice a day, especially in the heat of summer. Use a deep cleansing shampoo to leave any oil that can weigh your hair and make-ups. More information is housed here: Dr. Neal Barnard . If your hair is dry, you can use a gloss to add moisture to the ends. Try a protein-based volumizer and work at the base of the scalp.

Pin the hair about 2 "from the hairline and let it dry. This will make you see that you have more volume and height at the top. The wavy hair must have layers. Length is not so important. Layers keep the hair to reach large.

Shampoo only once a day and use a silicone based gloss or gel or mousse instead of an alcohol-based product. These alcohol-based products tend to dry your hair. You can set it on the day and let loose at night. A court order curly long hair, but ask for a reduction to keep the hair free from becoming too large. Wash your hair every other day, and use a heavy conditioner and do not rinse out completely. You will need additional moisture. Same goes with using alcohol based mousse and gel. Silicone-based products used to keep hair dry. Maybe these tips will help cut their hair problems and allow you to try something new or new products. Remember that the hair style and hair texture have to work together. Stuart Simpson Prom updo hairstyles

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