Great Day

He knows what he waited in them? HE WILL GO IT of GOD. 4. – He will go of God already is stamped to the ENEMY OF OUR SOULS and its rebelled angels. In them let us not become REBELS against the GOD call, under penalty also of to be in the same condition of the SATAN. (For the Satan it will not have judgment, therefore already IT IS CONDEMNED PER the CENTURIES to suffering with its angels, in the FIRE LAKE: future hell). 5.

– We must be PREPARED for the Great Day of Ours Sir (ravishment of the church: of the safe ones). WHAT VALLEY the PENALTY is this HOPE. It is what the Church longs for (WAIT), and for God it is what IT MATTERS: the salvation of our soul. 6. – Salvation of what? Salvation (distanciamento) to be ENCLOSED with the SATAN and its angels, in the fire lake (future judgment of that they do not accept Jesus Christ as Salvador and Gentleman).

7. – To accept the Jesus as Salvador and to come back to the coasts toward GOD who chose in them, it called, IT SAVED, we become enemy de a Cruz of Christ. 8. – It sees what it says in Romans 10:01 Brothers, the good will of my heart and my suplication the God in favor of them are so that they are safe. Because I give certification to them of that they have zeal for God, however not with agreement. Inasmuch as, being unaware of the justice of God and looking for to establish its proper one, they had not subjected to whom comes of God. Because the end of the law is Christ, for justice of all that one that believes. However, Moiss wrote that the man whom to practise the decurrent justice of the law will live for it.

Saturday, May 8th, 2021 News