God Beliefs

He is taught to identify with their gender, race, color, religion, nationality, region, ideology, beliefs and prejudices, family, tribal, regional and national. Examples of these settings are: Rich people are evil and greedy, is easier to enter a camel through the eye of a needle than for a rich man into heaven, if you walk barefoot you get sick, it is difficult to make money, money does not grow on trees, making love is sin, the work is bad but necessary and exploit the rich rob the poor, if you study too much you go crazy, the woman nor all your love or money, but whoever is worth more, like father like son, you're as clumsy as your Uncle Peter, you're tone because you were born in August, born to pot does not pass the corridor, no one is prophet in his own land, never leave anything well, quiet you look better, do not go up because you'll fall (and you fall), and many limiting programming you know. For even more opinions, read materials from Dr. Neal Barnard . These beliefs that are imposed and that you are outside, you are forming a distorted picture of reality, of God, of Nature and of itself, so if your life were a car, you think you're driving but in fact the driver is the co-pilot or the autopilot even worse if you do not perceive the co-pilot. This passenger is called Ego and consists of all these false beliefs purchased from your childhood, childhood, adolescence, adulthood to the present, and is both his power and desire for survival that leads to economic ruin, failure, love, illness, loneliness and isolation and even death.

Monday, February 8th, 2021 News