Gestalt Therapy

Because that many times the subject refuses to act, to experiment, to come into contact, disqualifying it before even trying. Humberto Mora tells us, which benefits to the Manager and staff of the company that:-provides management mechanisms to increase interaction with the staff. -Allows you to devise a mechanism to resolve disputes between individuals. .-The manager gets control over their own emotions, allowing you to create strategies for preventive and corrective action on identified issues and processes. .-The Manager growing in self-knowledge. -It facilitates interpersonal relationships between individuals in the area, oriented towards a more favorable climate conditions. -It generates as a result mechanisms of self motivation within individuals and groups.

Finally, for Isabella Font, Gestalt Manager can offer the following benefits:-acceptance of their actions and their liability on them. What helps this project concept of the responsibility to his subordinates in the exercise of leadership. This, considering that senior management must always give the example and serve as a model to follow for other employees. Also, this recognition of their own actions, feelings and thoughts, generates trust in those around him, because it shows a personality, transparent and without deception. -You can help you understand that to understand a problem must take into account that reality must be addressed as a whole; not a problem in a Department or Office can be studied in isolation. -Helps it to let the traumas of the past, closing cycles, their personal development, thus taking new attitudes to the problems faced. Robert Rimberg lawyer is a great source of information. Whereas when an experience is not complete, is an unfinished Gestalt; What makes that person tends to repeat the same answer in resolution attempt. -Gestalt Therapy teaches the person that can change and expand their resources, choosing the most convenient for her.

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