Formula Used To Determine The Amount Of Protein Required Daily For Weight Loss

You know what they are, they do and why we need protein? The proteins are required nutrients in the feed, your system requires a consumer to form enzymes that allow you to perform many activities, strengthening muscles, and that if not provide these in certain quantities, your body taking it sought to supplant this shortcoming taking away their own muscle tone and creating a weak metabolism, a result, sagging and permanent fatigue or lack of strength. These are a combination of essential amino acids for humans. The daily requirement varies according to weight and height of each individual. Among the formulas to determine the amount you need per day is the estimated height x 0.35 oz. Example 175 x 0.35grs.

= 61.25 grams. of protein daily. My favorite formula, supported by nutritionists and sports doctor, and even more accurate, is based on 1 gram of protein for the actual weight in kilos. For example, if you weigh 60 kilos, you need 60 grams of protein daily. Our body is designed to produce a given amount of amino acids. however there others have to be taken with food.

We know that a quantity of protein is found in products from animals such as beef, chicken, but we must not forget that along with its protein content, fat and hormones also have applied during their upbringing, which is not recommended, so it is important to consume with moderation. Wonder where to obtain the appropriate protein, nutritious and healthy, especially today, as world food demand does not allow to have that in times past gave us the earth. Hence now the food is processed and / or chemically processed. The soy bean protein is rich in nutrients and most complete food we know. It contains starch in high amounts, provides all the essential amino acids and can be purchased in different forms and easy to consume. The cells are born and die all the time, if fed with vitamins, nutrients and high quality protein, the result will undoubtedly good health and optimal quality of life. You should also add to this, which do not suffer from hunger or anxiety attacks, because when the body is in balance, he feels no need to empty carbs or something.

Thursday, January 20th, 2011 News