Former President George

Then came the Iraqi war(Gulf War II, 2003), which was prevented and was not made. France and Germany were not the work, but Spain, Denmark, Australia, Poland, … if. Former President George W. Bush was the great orchestrator of the aforementioned war, to instill in the brains of leaders who participated in it, that, without a doubt, Saddam Hussein was executed axis of evil, and was in possession of weapons of mass destruction.

Later it was shown that none existed. a One wonders what Europe is and what is its soul. One can and should respond: a) Europe, from the eighteenth century, was represented by men, primarily engaged in practice a the art of guerraa , if the war can be called art and b) the soul of Europe was played by the great thinkers, writers, painters, composers … that flourished in the salons of the aristocracy, and under women (aesos wonderful beings that inhabit the earth!). a The EU has been able to establish, without doubt, monetary coordination among the several States that form, but has failed miserably in establishing a common fiscal authority. Because, in practice and by having a single currency like the euro, for economic transactions, we have developed the Stability and Growth Pacts more or less ambitious … However, democratic policies of individual member countries are different parameters that lead to political ideologies that tend to develop, some of them, excessive nationalism and exclusive . Dreamed of being left behind those United States of Europe, craved by all, but wanted a few.

Monday, February 8th, 2021 News