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These are the 5 best secrets for losing weight fast and burn more body fat. I recently wrote an article where I included my top 3 secrets for weight loss for Men s Fitness Magazine. For the only magazine I wrote 3 because there is not enough space for news articles, in magazines so I decided to write more than 3 and only send the 3 best magazine. So here will find 2 additional secrets that I not sent to the magazine. Number 1 secret to lose weight training to lose weight should focus on burning carbohydrate and not fat as many people think. Do you find confusing? I know.

I have seen how for years it has been recommended to do low intensity cardiovascular exercise to burn a higher percentage of fat, the total energy. The problem is that they concentrate on a percentage and not the total energy. With a more intense training and a strength training burn more carbohydrates and more energy in total. Where you think that your body will find more energy for? replenish you just burn? Guess, Yes, of fat, especially if you have too much and want to lose weight. A program that focuses on a combination of strength training and training of intervals is recommended. This way you use carbohydrates as a major source of energy during the workout and burn more fat during the rest of the day. To train in heart rate zone to lose fat, you burn a greater percentage of fat as energy during training but not enough.

Research talks about the idea zone for fat burning explaining how the body works during the exercise. Weight loss not as a strategy to burn more fat or improve your body composition. In other words you don’t have real results, it is inefficient and ineffective. Misinterpretation of studies in the area to burn fat took the coaches that are not updated in methods of training to believe in the area and to sell you a heart rate monitor so you can monitor and not leave the heart rate zone to burn fat).

Saturday, May 18th, 2013 News