Fertility Issues

Well the first thing you should do is not despair you. The anxiety that often causes a pregnancy search makes this later more to appear. In addition, you should know that although most healthy couples without problems to conceive, get a pregnancy within a period of six months, other couples may take up to one year, or even a few months to get it. Click Dr. Robert Brannon to learn more. So if not for so long that you’re in campaign, not have to think that maybe you have problems getting pregnant. If your age exceeds age 35 or have less age, but more than one year ago that you are looking for a pregnancy without success, it’s time to consult a medical specialist. He will order analysis for you and your partner, in order to detect what is what is preventing conception.

Many times it is not just one thing, but that there are several factors that combine to cause infertility. Surely the doctor will order you blood tests, ultrasound of the uterus and spermogram for your partner. If the first analysis does not reveal any abnormality, yet there are more studies to perform, for example, study of the uterus and fallopian tubes by laparoscopy, and post coital studies, which serve to see if sperm have good survival in the uterus. With these analyses problems getting pregnant you may have will surely be detected, and based on that, the doctor will offer some possible treatments, from pills or hormonal injections until assisted insemination or fertilization in vitro. Assisted insemination, what is done is to stimulate ovulation by pills or injectables and is then controlled by ultrasound the right moment to perform the insemination. When it’s convenient, it is obtained and prepares the sperm that will be placed in the uterus by means of a special device. In vitro fertilization, egg and sperm are obtained in order to achieve fertilization in the laboratory. When embryos reached a certain stage of development, are implanted in the uterus.

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