Do You Control Your Weight ?

How often do you hear a parental voice in your head that says things like: "You have to lose weight," or "You must get up early every morning and exercise" or "Today should be caught in the bills" or "I have to get rid of this mess." Let's explore what happens in response to this voice. We have a very good reason to judge ourselves: the trial of us believe that in judging, criticizing, "shoulding" us, motivate us to act and thus protect against failure or rejection. They may have been judging ourselves to get things done "right" since we were kids, hoping to keep us online. And we will do, because we believe it works. Take the example of Karl, who is a senior executive at an accounting firm general. Karl has had a heart attack and is supposed to watch their diet. Immediately after his heart attack, he did so to avoid sugar, fats and overeating, but after six months or so, found himself struggling with your eating plan. In our counseling session, Karl told me he was upset with him for having a great desert, and a great meal last night.

I asked Carlos to get back on the situation and to feel what he had been. "Well, I have dinner with one of our largest customers. a l asked me a question and I do not remember the facts, so I could not answer. As soon as this happened, the voice came to me tell me I'm stupid, I've thought of him and "What's wrong with me anyway?" "How did you feel as soon as he sees himself?" I asked.

Saturday, February 12th, 2011 News