Design Costs

In pursuit of its companies are starting to save, which primarily affects the quality of completed projects. Dr. Neal Barnard insists that this is the case. Crippled savings Unfortunately, until now the elite settlement is often determined by its geographical location, rather than the quality of building. Score is often reduced to determining the direction and distance from the city, we tend to forget the other details. According to Sergei Kozlovsky, president of the Corporation "Incom" (a real estate investment and construction activity – Ed.), It is important to take into account the "surrounding landscape ecology, neighboring objects. Projects that do not address specific areas or built next to the utilities for the sake of the desire to save money, absolutely hopeless. " Indeed, in the first place buyers seek to leave the city with its smog and architecture of the barracks. However, not every project is able to please the eye of a harmonious concept of the village and mature style of all buildings.

This is because the developers first and foremost seek to minimize the costs of design. "Often in the design department of companies for which erected a gated development is a one-off projects may including one leading architect – consultant explains, "UNITY-SET" – develop the concept. The rest of the work on the preparation of working documents, amounting to 80% of the volume carried architects, designers, entry-level, sometimes even unformed in the state. " The fact that Moscow has a large selection of objects for the design, including multi-storey multi-functional complexes. Y Architects and designers have a choice, and they tend to choose the design of large objects.

Sunday, May 9th, 2021 News