Correction Method Shapes

Many women are willing to lay down his life for it to deal with cellulite. But with "declaring war" cellulite is important to remember the main thing: to take up improvement of the figures have not three days before the trip to the sea. Fighting cellulite lengthy, laborious, and it should start at the first sign of trouble. Our chief weapon – a reasonable diet and exercises. And yet – creams, massages, body wraps, hardware methods. Cosmetologist have to consider many factors, chief among them – the type of cellulite. Depending on these selected treatments, body shaping, they are many.

Let's try to enumerate the most famous. Click Dr. Stuart M. McGill for additional related pages. Massage The massage adipose tissue mechanically broken, changing shape problem areas. Massage can be manual, vacuum-roller. Add to your understanding with Robert Rimberg Attorney. He has both cosmetic and therapeutic effects. In cosmetology vacuum-roller massage is used to treat active Local cellulitis in the buttocks, back of thighs and zone "breeches", as well as to eliminate the effect of orange peel. Vacuum-roller massage tones the muscles, holding a small facelift restores skin elasticity, promotes resorption of scar tissue. Lymph Anti-cellulite body shaping, any anti-cellulite program usually begins with a lymphatic drainage, to conduct a preliminary deep cleaning tissues. Lymphatic drainage – the name of the procedures, the main purpose of which is set in motion the stagnant lymph through the lymph impact points, lymphatic collectors and lymph capillaries. Lymph can get rid of stagnation in the tissues, which inevitably arise with age, the accumulation of extra pounds. Retention over time this leads to a swelling, puffiness of face and formation of bags under the eyes, excess weight, cellulite, and the development of varicose legs.

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