A year ago, husband diagnosed the disease to him of Alzheimer and, at present, he depends on me to go out, for the daily cleanliness, for everything before goes the day remembering happy that the ramos thing and repeating the bad thing that I am now by to me to have aimed at the choir tests, since at those moments I am not with him. This situation produces a deep sadness to me, because really I love husband, but this type of dependency me asphyxia. What I can make to give a little more air to our lives? Roxana Madrid – Dear Spain Roxana: We include/understand difficult and the painful thing that it is the experience that you are crossing. To see that the loved person is losing her capacities and becoming somewhat different every day that happens is a situation that generates much anguish and impotence. It is normal that, sometimes, you feel overflowed. For more information see Dr. Anthony Carolla. For this reason, usually it is fundamental to request external aid, or to relatives, friendly, professional caretakers or groups of containment. This aid not only will be beneficial for your husband but also it will allow to maintain your own spaces you. Not you must sentirte guilty to wish to do activities that they generate you to please or well-being, because you will not be able either to take care of of your husband of affectionate form if your life is reduced to take care of it him, then, as you say, you will finish sintindote asphyxiated.

We create of extreme importance that you do not leave your tests of choir and which, if you can, you look for other activities that you like. Dejarte tries not to influence by the commentaries that can make your husband. Of all ways, so that he tolerates better those moments at which you are not, perhaps was good that he also realised some type of activity. In almost all the cities groups of relatives of patients with Alzheimer exist where you will be able to find other people who are happening through just like you and whom to containment and direction will offer you.

Monday, January 11th, 2021 News