Central Asian Visitors

Learn how number of employees at the same time can be employed at the facility (you can make the repair a flat in a hostel for visitors from the countries of ). Are there any photos of work performed, the positive recommendations, there is a chance to view the objects handed over to the place, not just as a photo or video. Now about those tricks and ruses resorted to by the builders, finishers and other members of repairs during execution of works and provision of records. Contract. There are standard forms of building contract and more often than him, and shoved. Be vigilant. Carefully read this document together with a lawyer and make the necessary adjustments.

Learn the order of the repairs, agree a clear timetable, dates of commencement and completion. (Terms and graphic sick theme, may be deliberately excluded from the contract). Notice opportunity to recover penalties or fines for violations of treaty obligations by any party. Clearly defined, customer or contractor will be engaged in supplying the object rough and finish construction materials. Typically, rough material carries a contractor and finish the customer. Make sure the contract defines the responsibilities of the contractor for failure to fulfill their obligations to supply the object materials or use of inappropriate production technologies repairs. Be sure to check that the details of the firm or passport data of an individual specified in the contract with company registration documents or personal documents certifying the person of the employee. Better to ask copies of passports for those involved in the repair of your apartment.

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