Breastfeeding and Weight Loss

However, breastfeeding alone will not reduce weight after pregnancy. It is necessary to combine it with a proper diet and moderate exercise program. Note that it is necessary to get at least 1800 calories a day, while in the period of breastfeeding. However, you should stay away from junk food during this period and rely on food with high nutritional value to maintain the level adequate calories each day. There are many good reasons to keep exercising during the postpartum period. In addition to helping to accelerate weight reduction, exercise can help relieve post-partum depression, improve mood and boost your confidence. Exercise can also “blow off steam”, so it will be better able to meet the demands of motherhood.

Another useful tip is to have the help of a friend or relative to act as your exercise buddy so that you have some emotional support during the exercises. An added advantage of practicing exercises after pregnancy is that it increases your energy level, which is very important when fighting the fatigue that comes product constant care of a newborn. Your overall diet should be low in fat, rich in vitamins and high in fiber. Under no circumstances should practice a fad diet. These diets can be very harmful to your health and can actually slow your recovery after delivery. It is a good idea to set goals when it comes to weight loss and recognize that there is a limit on the amount of weight you can lose during a given period of time. The time right after the birth of a child can be very difficult, it requires many physical and emotional forces.

While it is certainly a good idea to eat healthy, you must make your pace in relation to weight loss. Over time, you will be able to lose the weight you gained during your pregnancy. My last recommendation is that you see on my site one on a new and revolutionary weight loss system with which you can lose 19 kilos overweight by eating foods that you like all day and just 45 minutes of exercise a week. .

Monday, January 30th, 2017 News