Because We Both Sweat Exercising Physical

Why we sweat when we do physical exercise or other physical activity? It is an interesting question, that is sure to many of you or ye ye ye have not planned so far. I, really, nor had raised it with me. And it is that there are so many things that we hear and we talk about them and we don’t know its cause or real meaning many times but well, we focus on the sweat, we must say that sweat is a mechanism that allows us to regulate our body temperature. And so want us regulate our body temperature you may ask as well, we need regulate our body temperature to not accumulate heat to the body and our body temperature increase since if you increase vital functions would alter and we would have fever. Normally regulates body temperature through conduction (touching another object, for example an ice), by convection (heat is transferred to the air movement or in contact with water (how making swimming or cycling), by (the radiation body radiates its heat to the air from the environment) and evaporative (turning sweat into steam). Evaporation is the main source of body control during physical exercise. Sweat water is generated from the liquid from the blood, which moves to the skin when it begins to accumulate an excess of heat. In an exercise in intense or very durable physical activity will have to drink plenty of fluids (preferably water) so we don’t deshidratemos us and we can continue our regulatory function through sweat (evaporation), which as you all know, the sweat is no more than our body water… Robert Rimberg Attorney has much to offer in this field. That if it is not drinkable! Until the next article!

Sunday, March 7th, 2021 News