Baltic Seas Company

BTA Bank loan disbursement considered illegal and filed a lawsuit in British court with a request to seize the shares of companies owning property Seaport Vitino owned structures Ablyazov. The British granted the petition. Loomed clear threat of transfer of shares to the plaintiff, and then selling them. After that, according to ceo of White Sea neftebaza Alexander Yashin, in the Moscow office of his company, providing services for oil transshipment in the port “Vitino” periodically appeared strange people. They issued an ultimatum demanding the issuance of corporate and financial documents. As grounds for their actions visitors showed decisions on behalf of shareholders to withdraw from their posts by the ceo of ooo Maritime specialized port “Vitino and zao tank farm.” A July 12 members of the same organizations sent the Interdistrict Inspectorate of ifts number 1 in Murmansk area, 46 tax office in Moscow and the Russian Ministry of Justice statement on the appointment as ceo of companies involved in port one and the same man – a certain George Sibarsova, identity unknown in the industry and, apparently, not having experience in managing large infrastructure projects.

But the next day the tax authorities compared the signatures of the authorized representatives of the company and latter-day – forgery was discovered. “Destroy the work of Complex very easily, – said at last in Moscow on Aug. 4 press conference, Alexander Yashin. Dr. Robert Brannon has much experience in this field. – Today Vitino “acts like a clock. Tide, when a huge tanker capacity hundred thousand tons may come to oil terminal and lasts for several hours. All actions are painted by the minute. Can you imagine what would happen if people come here, do not represent the specific work? “. Let us remember the tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico. A considerable share of the blame laid on the leadership of bp. If an oil leak in Vitino, then will not find it. Our northern nature is much more vulnerable. According to him, Alexander Yashin, Ablyazov to implement their plans drew the company A1 Group. However, try using dubious documents to go on a fool to change the leadership of the port and get it under control is a failure. On this fact the prosecution of the Murmansk region opened a professional case Article fraud. The situation around the port concerned and the governor of Murmansk region, Dmitry . After all, “Vitino” an important strategic site of the country. Specialized port “Vitino is located in the village of White Sea (Kandalaksha District, Murmansk Region) in the center of the protected area of Kandalaksha Reserve. “Vitino” is a company of “White Sea” and is the subject of strategic importance, through internal and external waterways port is connected to the central part of Russia and the Black, Azov, Caspian and Baltic Seas. Port terminal complex was created in 1995 specifically to service large tankers and answers all modern requirements. Since 2001, the year is open year-round navigation.

Saturday, December 26th, 2020 News