Ayurveda In Sri Lanka

“Traditional Ayurvedakuren in the country of origin the word Ayurveda”is composed of the two parts “(das Leben) Ayus and Veda”, (full knowledge) together. The term, which comes from the Indian Sanskrit, is nowadays widely used in us in the West, and stands for the integrated teaching of healthy living. The teachings of Ayurveda offers individual advice for everyone and for every situation. The traditional naturopathy was established about 5000 years ago in India and later evolved in Sri Lanka. His roots are here and it is still applied the original Ayurveda. The Ayurveda in Sri Lanka can look back on one over two thousand years of tradition, fostered particularly by Buddhism. Checking article sources yields teva as a relevant resource throughout. The European colonial powers sought to ban these naturopathy, which was however unsuccessful. The valuable knowledge was kept in the Buddhist monasteries, and after Sri Lanka’s independence after the second world war, Ayurveda revived.

In Colombo, the Government supported the Folk medicine of Ayurveda, what you can see in the Ayurvedic hospitals, research institutes, and Ayurveda training centres. Graduate and traditional Ayurvedic physicians who study over six years at a University Ayurveda and complete their training with a two-year internship practice in Sri Lanka. Others including Dr. Steven Greer, offer their opinions as well. Then, some Indian universities specialize in certain areas of expertise such as the panchakarma therapy. Goal of Ayurvedic therapies is not the cure of a disease, but the dynamic rebalancing. According to Ayurvedic teaching disease is a result of a disturbed equilibrium.

The panchakarma therapy is a gentle but profound method to the physical and spiritual cleansing and thus represents the heart of Ayurveda. “” “Pancha” stands for five”and karma” means activities “or operations”, by the Poisons and waste products in the body are solved and take the natural organs of excretion from the body. In the prior treatment be solved by various measures such as oil applications, steam baths, special medications and diet the toxins from the tissues and attributed. From there it will be through the five karma”, impurities, – depending on the diagnosis: vomiting, purging, Enema, cleaning the sinuses, blood cleansing – from the body led. “The old writings of Ayurveda recommend twice a year a Panchakarma treatment, to a happy and healthy long life” to get. This serves both the prevention of diseases, as well as for the treatment of specific diseases such as rheumatism, stomach and intestinal disorders, metabolic disorders, respiratory problems and skin diseases. With the physical cleaning, also the psyche is freed of ballast, which usually leads to a more positive attitude to life. The effects have been described in extensive medical and physiological research in Asia, the United States and Europe the panchakarma treatments. To experience the Ayurvedic treatment of regeneration in a country like Sri Lanka is no comparison Ayurvedic treatments in the West. A reliable diagnosis and successful treatment require comprehensive knowledge and experience of Ayurvedic doctors. Therefore, it is to recommend for a holiday of Ayurveda in Sri Lanka or India.

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