Always Lower Weight

Our parents always told us that we eat lots of fruits and vegetables, but this is not easy for many people. Now there is evidence from studies in Spain about that the types of food consumed by the people of the Mediterranean that include a lot of fruits and vegetables are what allows you to be kept so thin for so long.This study examined the way that eating lots of fruits and vegetables is related to the loss or gain of weight for 10 years run in adults of the Mediterranean. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Dr. Stuart M. McGill. The results showed that eating more fruits and vegetables is correlated with lower chances of weight gain during the period of 10 years. People whose diets include a lot of fruits and vegetables such as those living in the Mediterranean areas of the world have less risk of gaining weight again and become obese. How many more fruits and vegetables consumed, less likely is that increase of weight, so everyone should try to follow a Mediterranean diet to maintain weight healthy.

What should include a Mediterranean diet? You can all create know how many servings of fruits and vegetables we need, but many of us really do not know. A Mediterranean diet should include: lots of fruits and vegetables every day. Healthy fats such as olive oil which contains monounsaturated fat which reduces levels of bad cholesterol and the canola oil, which is also good for you. A small portion of nuts each day to obtain the monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. A glass or two of red wine, which slows the clotting of blood and provides antioxidants. The recommended amount is 5 ounces per day for women and men over 65 years, and 10 ounces for men under age 65. Low consumption of red meat.

A large amount of fish each week. These recommendations are not so different from the many diet plans. It may seem I miss you hear that you should eat nuts and oils that contain a lot of fat, but the fact is that the type of fat we eat is more important than quantity. If you eat the right fats, it can be slim and healthy.

Friday, January 1st, 2021 News