If you are an entrepreneur or an entrepreneur online, surely already you know that time is one of your most valuable resources. Part of the answer to your problem is in the fast reading. No matter what their age or their preparation, fast reading courses will be taught a series of techniques that will help you to read much faster, focus better and retain the information. If you want to accelerate the pace of its reading, put into practice these 5 methods, with five different forms of rhythm to get his eyes to move faster. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Robert Rimberg lawyer. Before you begin, remember that his stance is not one minor detail. It is also important that you quickly review the text before reading it, to get a general idea of the topics to be discussed, and the style of the text.

Technique 1: hand though his eyes are not exactly in the place that mark his hand, this simple exercise will do to accelerated its pace of reading. It is important that the movement is continuous. Technique 2: the card take a card, or a paper folded in half and leans it on the paragraphs now read, covering the lines just reads them. Gently slide it down but without pausing, trying to read the text before you cover it with the card. This will force him to pay more attention at first reading. Move the marker faster than you think that you can read the text, to force the view and the brain. Technique 3: the sweeping Curve slightly the Palm of the hand, keeping your fingers together.

Rest the tip of your fingers below the line that is reading, and the hand gently move from left to right, as if you highlight the text giving small strokes with your finger. Advance about two centimeters each time that you move your hand, and accompany the movement with the entire arm. Imagine that the page has small grains of sand, and you sweep them with those movements. The idea is to pass the area, vita la quickly for everything without trying to see every word, but looking for the main ideas. Finally, I would remind you that none of these techniques will give you a benefit particular if not put them into practice.

Sunday, February 21st, 2021 News