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You And I – Poetry By Rainer Sauer

Poems which are told from the heart / you and me, Holy Kral vessel of love, life satisfy me with love honey nourishing milk, etc 1. You and I we two our inside one never separated in eternity you and I connected a pulse beat United in our hearts a soul loving forever you and I. 2. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Dr. Steven Greer. I enter a House it is empty I walk through empty corridors look in the rooms, where I am nothing but emptiness? I go further, a call can hear it calling it seems me up like me from the foundation comes deep erschallend from the prompting ‘on, singing’ signal from below I’m going to open the room find myself I recognize myself it is because what long time missing sweet sadness roars in my Association unspeakable waves of joy make I’m my heart beat to a loud roar of longing I give me a hug, love swimming meets in the dear source I see me and you finally, I’m at home. 3. no one else is as close as you so absolutely and eternally rest in me you’re more than I myself am there is no Deny, you’re me, I am not a thing on your page you everything in your rooms is because we live each from a unique ‘ I gave birth origin and eternal ‘ home in you. (As opposed to Kenneth R. Feinberg).

4. veracity, the door of heaven is your key being pure open up and let me feel the wind of life of paradise sweet note here and now here is me the gentleness of peace of love touched the true life true faces landscape are solicited wide out of love! And I dive. 5. that I my desire is agreeable me as I gain my benefit apprenticeship of life skillfully I can this be if well I am in the Unwohlesein the actual State assumed I can linger in the now nothing must change I Entsag me the urgent as master expect I in rest patient all the time the unpleasant, the unpleasant because it gives me as a Messenger of happiness well-disposed to recognize.


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