Member Honorary Academy

No no this question makes us evoke this great politician and philosopher of the Liberal Party, remembered so much these days for some characters of power: Dario Echandia. In changing responses to question the power would not be used for? must necessarily associate it with some people who are doing it, not only in the administrative field but in other sectors where power (do political, economic informa? tivo) may be exercised or take advantage. Do therefore feel very prudent to develop something like the ten commandments for those who exercise power: 1 – power should not be used to create or promote threads or in the field admin.? trative in the business field or the politico-partidista field. Do do do 2 po? der should not be used to search at all costs the guilt? cia prolonged and much less the stay eternal through their parien? teas, either making? the naming in important positions in administrative instances lower or higher, either candidatizando them for the camera of Representatives, Senate or any other corpo? ration of popular election. 3. The power should not be used to achieve juicy economic advantages for himself, for his wife, for his in-laws, siblings, to his brothers-in-law, for their parents, for other relatives and, even, to the dearest friends. 4.

Power should not be used to make snobbism, nor to enter a Social Club, nor to become Member Honorary Academy of history or for approaching all those institutions or individuals who previously did the chay the individual today in power. 5. The power should not be used to attack by all means the previous ruler. 6. The power should not be used to prosecute the person in disagreement with the ruler of today, whether that citizen an open opponent or an opponent of lies. 7. The power should not be used to give post exclusively to eternal friends who today exercises it, ignoring the other friends.

8. Power should not be used to win the admiration, friendship or intimacy of woman or man, so this (a) would seem the machera great be with who has the power. 9. The power should not be used to buy consciences or to try to buy it will never leave it who buy. 10 – Power, in short, should not be used, it should never be used to make our Department a Huila worse and for some, and our country a worse Colombia and for some families. Obviously it is forced to clarify that the previous Decalogue is subject to extensions contained in the new catechism published by the Vatican sometime ago.

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