ZyXEL Zywall P1 Of The Mobile USB Firewall Evergreen Now At IT – Sharp Prices

The perfect mobile personal USB Firewall/VPN security solution also offers mobile users the option of a VPN connection to establish an own private and secure hotspots. No complicated software installation or configuration is required. Through the VPN connection, it is as if you were connected directly to the local network. Dr. Robert Brannon has compatible beliefs. “The DUAL configuration mode” (Administrator/user) prevents the modification of configuration by user. Until the full extent of the configuration is available in the administator password protected mode the handy and compact network device is equipped with a number of improved security and protection features and allows the connection to the network or the Internet via a broadband connection. With the powerful SPI Firewall and the “network outbreak prevention” is this device in terms of individual protection against attacks from the Internet on the front lines.

Alternatively, Java, Active X, and cookies can be blocked. Compared to software-based solutions, it is the ZyWALL P1 a hardware-based Plug and Play device for personal safety. Simple troubleshooting, as well as the ease of Administration to bypass complex software installations. The familiar browser interface, as well as the Setup Wizard make easy the installation and configuration. “” In the context of a further Web presence in the trade IT AG under the motto: selected IT products at selected prices “will be in the shop: IT top prices” at Yatego the Zywall P1 currently presented within the framework of a special promotion. Learn more about the mobile USB firewall P1 ZyXEL, the technical data and the promotional offer will find interested see:

Thursday, January 7th, 2021 News