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Biological Role

Botica one of the town of Ponferrada, Felipe Martinez alvarez.Actualizado century XVIIPor on 23/04/2009 at 23:44 (CET) disease, pain, time and death are constant and universal, but they do not change change everything else. Life is always fragile and fleeting. Life is sailing against the current, while the living and thus the man at the right time, it transmits its genetic code that ensures the continuity of the species and therefore the possibility of adaptation to the environment. But life is not limited to its terms, does not fit the environment as a key into the lock. Zinc is a chemical element essential for personas.El the human body contains about 40 mg of zinc per kg and many enzymes work with your competition: involved in the metabolism of proteins and nucleic acids, stimulates the activity of approximately 100 enzymes, collaborates the proper functioning of the immune system, is necessary for healing, speaking in the perceptions of taste and smell and the synthesis of DNA. The metal is found in insulin, zinc finger proteins (zinc finger) and various enzymes such as superoxide dismutase.
Zinc is found in various foods such as oysters, red meat, poultry, some fish and seafood, beans and nuts. The recommended daily intake of zinc is around 20 mg for adults, less for infants, children and adolescents (for their lower body weight) and slightly higher for women during pregnancy and lactation.
Zinc deficiency impairs the immune system generates growth retardation and can cause hair loss, diarrhea, impotence, damage to eyes and skin, loss of appetite, weight loss, delay in wound healing, and abnormalities in sense of smell. The causes that can cause a zinc deficiency include poor intake and poor absorption of the mineral ‘case of alcoholism that favors its elimination in urine or vegetarian diets in which the absorption of zinc is 50 lower than that of meat’ or its removal due to excessive gastrointestinal disorders.
Too much zinc has been associated with low levels of copper, changes in the role of iron and decreased immune function and levels of cholesterol.
It is believed that the sting of scorpions contain zinc with a purity of 1 / 4 parts..

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Description BSA Academy Fitness

(Employee)Participants have the opportunity to qualify to the experts in the field of fitness and health qualification under the Southern Sun In the part of the BSA course trip to Majorca, which takes place in May and September. The optimal opportunity for fitness and health studios to qualify your team under the Sun of Mallorca. They can reward deserving employees or promising newcomers to bind your company. At the same time, they have the opportunity to educate themselves as Studio head even on the Sun island in a relaxed holiday atmosphere. The BSA-Akademie offers a wide range of course under the Southern Sun. In Mallorca, the participants can connect their qualification holiday feeling and win so far from the stressful workday. Also this year the BSA about 100 students in a relaxed holiday atmosphere qualified: great weather fit perfectly to the relaxed mood on the spot.

Especially the group dynamics made according to Sandy Mason, which every year on-site supervised the course travel, the Special about this offer from: it was learning and one was together diligently, but also enjoyed on the loose, comfortable with each other. Many of the participants announced already a come back next year”. “New in the Mallorca offerings: teacher for health-oriented group training”. The next BSA course trip will take place in may 2012. Sign up now and get one of the coveted spots. For more information about this trip please contact directly Sandy Mason by phone at 07345-23 66 16 or by e-mail to. The entire course offer here index.php? id = 20. Company Description BSA Academy: The BSA-Akademie is ISO certified and with ca.

130, 000 participants since 1983 a leading education provider in the market of the future prevention, fitness, and health. With the help of over 50 certified and approved courses, career changers how fitness professionals can individually qualify: getting started in the industry succeed with B license “-Lehrgangen such as for fitness, training, nutrition and mental fitness. “” “Based on step-by-step training is carried out up to the end of the professional such as fitness coach-A license”, BSA-personal – trainer certificate “, teachers of nutrition” or Manager for fitness and leisure facilities “. “” BSA skills allow the preparation to the public Chamber of Commerce exams fitness specialist Chamber of Commerce “and specialist for prevention and health promotion Chamber of Commerce”. Since 2009, leadership for bath businesses is the BSA course”also a preparation for the exam to the marked One for bad firms”possible. Since 2010, BSA members also to the specialist for occupational health management (IHK) can “and the trainer for device-based strength training” qualify. The BSA Academy, the acquisition of knowledge is done by distance learning and compact presence phases in nationwide training centres. Z is a promotion. B. by the federal employment agency, master BAfoG, the vocational promotion service of the Bundeswehr and regional funding possible. Many BSA attendance phases can be completed during the BSA course travel Majorca, which takes place in May and September.

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Time To Buy A Business

There are many people who want to do business, but few deals. The reason is usually one – of something missing. Some qualities or money or something else. Get rid of such inconveniences will help the company store Finished business Delomag Having connections and money, people often do not have the determination and knowledge to start their own business. But those who have a lot of knowledge, sometimes interfere with the theory. Because according to the theory of business to start from scratch is possible, but the subconscious carefully does not allow this thought: out of nothing that is not happening. But there is always a simple solution – buy ready made business. This is not a zero.

By his personal qualities you priplyusuete all the material they bought, and it will start-up capital with which to start a business. The Company Store businesses Delomag sells a variety of different businesses in manufacturing, services and trade: auto, service stations, hairdressers, fitness, food stores – there are plenty to choose from. Perhaps some businesses are too simple for you? Want something special? Our company can offer it. For example, innovative business. You do not have money? Based on the fact that our need is always greater than our capacity, money will never be enough. And if it was the lack of sufficient money will you slow down, you never touch with the place. History knows cases of people without capital behind him were able to start and build a huge business: Richard Branson (Virgin), Steve Jobs (Apple), Evgeny Chichvarkin (Euronet).


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Market Nutrition

The sales company for sports nutrition products brings to 1 April 2013 the new inkospor X-TREME protein drink on the market. Thus, INKO completed his inkospor X-TREME product line to a real protein drink. Specifically for the special needs of bodybuilders and steerable improved the formulation of the shakes. The included amount of carbohydrates was consistently high content of protein, reduced and as “ready-to-use shake” packaged in three different flavors with a practical Sportscaps. A key differentiator to other protein drinks is that inkospor X-TREME protein drink is a real protein drink and not Carbo – / protein drink. “We have reduced the content of carbohydrate 24 g chocolate or vanilla and strawberry 20 g per bottle. “This combined with the high proportion of protein of 50 g and the very low fat content of maximum 0.4% per bottle make the inkospor X-TREME protein drink an optimal supplement to the special diet plan by strength athletes”, so Nutritionists Dominik Blagovic. “A high protein content is so important for athletes in the sports since proteins are not only for the muscle of great importance, but also ensure the preservation of muscle mass” Blagovic explains.

2011 and 2012 company INKO wins the bodyLIFE award in the category of nutritional supplements”. As a provider of high-quality nutrition and competent partner in this field to place 1 operator of German fitness studios chose INKO for customer satisfaction and service. 40 Employees in indoor and field staff advise and support customers and consumers true to the motto “better …erlebbar”. Strength athletes, who are interested in our special sports nutrition products, can your gym contact directly in one of our selected online stores, or for more information,. The INKO international trading GmbH with headquarters in Roth is one of the leading suppliers of sports nutrition in Europe and sets up for over 30 years a quality policy, which consistently extends from development through production to marketing the finished product. The research, manufacturing, and quality assurance of inkospor sports nutrition products are one of the most modern industrial companies in Europe in-house by parent company Nutrichem diet + Pharma GmbH.


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German University

The bodyLIFE Award”is a confirmation of our daily work in the qualification of professionals for the market of the future prevention, fitness, and health. We would like to thank our customers for the trust. Moreover, we see this award as an incentive to offer the highest quality teaching and support participants in the BSA and the students of the German University in the future, “as Prof. Dr. Bernhard Allmann BSA-Akademie of the German University. (Employee) Qualification for the best training companies in the industry market of the future prevention, fitness and health offers dedicated and qualified persons for first class advancement and career opportunities.

More than 140,000 participants and over 3,000 students put their qualification on the courses of the Academy of the BSA and the degree of DHfPG. The BSA-Akademie offers a total of 50 qualifying possibilities in the areas of professional business qualifications, Fitness/individual training, nutrition, health promotion, management, personal training, fitness/training, mental fitness/relaxation and training on. The combined course system of distance learning and compact presence phases in over 30 training centres in Germany, allowing Austria and the Switzerland part-time to complete the courses and to arrange with professional and personal commitments. The courses of the German State-approved German University teach leadership skills, allowing students to take responsible tasks and leadership activities. Here the dual Bachelor’s degrees in the fields of study combine a training and a distance learning fitness training, fitness economics, nutrition counseling and health management with compact periods of personal attendance at study centres in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. Then, a master’s degree in prevention and health management is possible. More information under.

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An example clearly of this is the done investments aiming at its control (prevention and treatment) is inversely proportional to the fast progression of violence and of the most different types of trauma. But in the end of the decade of 1940, the pioneers of the study of the trauma had demonstrated that although the obviously different results the illness and the trauma if hold in similar way. Both require the presence of the three elements of the triad epidemiologist and therefore both are treated as such. The following item must interact so that an illness occurs: (1) an agent who cause the illness; (2) one ' ' hospedeiro' ' in which the agent can inhabit; (3) an appropriate environment in which the agent and the host can interact. The trauma is proceeding from the action of known etiolgicos agents, it demands specific attitude and therapeutical procedures, and, above all for being evitvel. The ample variability of trauma causes represents initially a great obstacle in the study and its prevention. It is one of the main causes of death in the Country, being that in the regions south and Southeastern, where the number of people with more age is bigger it occupies the third place enters the causes of morbidade mortality preceded only for malignant the cardiovascular and neoplasias illnesses.

This fact is confirmed, therefore the number of case of trauma in people above of fifty years is great in which the present study is confirmed. FISIOPATOLOGIA OF the TRAUMA the term ' ' traumatismo' ' one mentions the local and general consequncias to it of the trauma for the structure and the functioning of the organism. Metabolic reply with the phases compensatory and restabilizao compensatory Phase This phase occurs after the trauma immediately, lasting between 24 and 48 hours. In the phase of compensatory of the metabolic reply to the trauma, characterized for choque* (Phase daily pay-reanimao), it occurs hipometabolsmo, hipotermia, reduction of the calricas, normal glucose production, light, hiperglicemia catabolismo proteinic, catecolaminas necessities increased, insulina decrease, glucagon raised, low cardiac debit, deficient tecidual perfuso. .


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Metabolic Syndrome

What I made to reduce 15 kgs in 4 months, was to convince me that tapeworm that to change of form to feed to me, to improve my health and to reach a weight near the ideal. It is important to indicate that also me convenci of which tapeworm that to reduce the levels of stress that tapeworm, since that factor, combined with the overweight, causaria me sooner or later some type of disease of which podria not to recover to me easily, so that I put myself to investigate different nutritional systems, and investigating averigue the following thing: Stress is the main cause of diseases like Cancer. The bad feeding and overweight are the main cause of Cancer, Metabolic Syndrome, cardiovascular diseases, ACVs, etc. In order to eliminate stress aprendi to meditate, all the days I rise 4.30am to meditate (it does not have to make this to go down of weight). That has changed to me deeply like person, no longer I discuss, I do not judge, acceptance the things like are and not like desearia I who was.

In order to know what is a good feeding, first we must know clearly so that the human being feeds itself. With proteins the body makes muscles, we can to obtain proteins of the animal meats, fish and birds, also of grains, like caraotas, chick-peas, etc. The carbohydrates are the fuel provision so that the body works. There are carbohydrates of low quality, like sugar and the flours refined, that the only thing that contributes to the organism is calories, without no nutritious value. There are carbohydrates of high quality or complexes, like integral flours and vegetables. Also it is necessary to consider that the digestive process in the human body is fulfilled in three stages, each from approximately 8 hours. Food ingestion, digestion or assimilation of the same and the chemical decontamination stage.


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Pumping Iron

its 170% better – and get in shapeand lose lose sizes on your pantsyou wont regret it In the health clubs 2008 edition of Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler was expected to be the winner came as we have seen for a couple of years, but was not well and burn fat Dexter Jackson won the title leaving Cutler gold’s gym in second place. Dexter Jackson is an American professional bodybuilder from the International Federation of Body Building (IFBB). Born on November 25, 1969 in Jacksonville, Florida, where he cardio workout currently lives. Dexter in the first weight loss programs competition at the National Physique Committee get in shape (NPC) was the championship of the southern states in 1992, gym equipment which ranked third. Pumping Iron exercise programs is a documentary film made in 1975 (marketed in 1977) on bodybuilding competitions to choose the strength training year 1975 Mr. Olympia. Filming focuses on the views of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his competitors, Lou Ferrigno and Franco Columbo (others like Ken Waller, Mike Kat, etc.).. The documentary is co-directed by Robert Fiore and George Butler. It is health club based on the book of the same name written by Charles Gaines and George Butler (Simon and Schuster, 1974). Is seen in the areas of culture as a ‘classic of the bodybuilding world’, along their journey in the documentary abs exercise teaches two types of competitions: gyms in the choice of world gym IFBB Mr. Universe (amateur) and Mr. Olympia (for professionals) sports club Pretoria, South fat burning Africa. Schwarzenegger is a role, leaving room for personal training its competitors: Lou personal trainers Ferrigno, Franco Columbo, Mike Mentz, Robby Robinson, Mike Katz, Albert home exercise Beckles, Ken Waller, Frank Zane, Paul Grant, Ed Corney, Serge Nubret and Danny Padilla. It was a new version on DVD in 2003 to celebrate its exercise program 25th anniversary, this original version mustra scenes behind the cameras. In 1985 he was shot a female version called “Pumping Iron elliptical trainer II: The Women.”

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Abdominal Exercises

The part inferior of the belly is a fat of natural reserve and a place very difficult to strengthen, reason why it can be very difficult to undo of the fat of the belly inferior. regular and abdominal contractions it will not be sufficient to know like lowering to the abdomen of the belly inferior. The key is in the selection the abdominal inferiors with certain exercises to strengthen muscles and to eliminate the fat. The suitable exercises, along with a diet heal and a routine of cardio, will help to conquer to that the obstinate fat of the belly. If you want to avoid these 5 steps you do click in Like lowering the abdomen of natural way Instructions: things that you need: Athletic articles to dress Worn sport 1. or 1. – To alter its diet to include more thin vegetables and proteins and less greasy and sugar. The proteins will help to construct muscles him and to burn fat in the abdomen inferior.

Even if you simply want to reduce to his consumption of fat and the sugar to half, a great difference in its fight against the fat will become of the belly inferior. or 2. – It at least does half an hour of cardiovascular exercise three times per week. To walk, to trotar, to walk in bicycle and to dance are excellent options. To do cardio will help him to lose that extra fat layer that maintains abdominal muscles hidden. or 3. – It makes work abdominal muscles to fortify the muscular wall and to burn fat of the belly. To make a few repetitions of scissors after his cardio exercise.

Acustese mouth arrives with the hands underneath its rumps. It raises the legs on a foot of the ground. It tries to reduce its abdominal muscles, and to move the legs in a movement of intercrosses: to move the right leg on the left, next, abra the separated legs and to move the left leg on the right. It is careful of not doubling the knees. To do of 10 to 15 repetitions. or 4. – To make a few repetitions of abdominal doubles the leg back. Acustese mouth arrives with the hands behind your buttock like in step 3. It raises to the legs of the floor and flexione the knees. With the doubled knees, it lowers his feet slowly until they are three inches of the ground, and it holds this position by seconds and soon it returns to the position to begin with. To do of 10 to 15 repetitions. or 5. – His lower abdomen Completes training with a set of Pilates 100. Acustese mouth arrives with the arms at the sides. It raises the straight legs in an angle of 45 degrees. To maintain the arms straight, to raise them to a few centimeters of the floor. It contracts the abdominal ones and it raises shoulders to a few centimeters of the ground. To hold this position and to begin to pump its hands above and down while it counts up to 100. If you want to avoid these 5 steps you do click in Like lowering the abdomen of natural way Original author and source of the article.

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