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The Plaza Fitness

Out of everyday life and into the nightlife of Leonberg, Germany! “The 10 Nightlife de luxe rises on December 11 from 9: 00 party at the gym for young and old alike to create the link between fitness, fun and conviviality Plaza fitness center, that is our goal in the Plaza”, says the head of the Fitness Studio, Lazo Tanakopoulos. The nightlife we offering a meeting for young and young at heart seniors, members and non-members.” “DJ Chris Farrell and special guest DJ Alex are popularly celebration titled House meets black & classics” really heat up. Already for the tenth time the Nightlife de luxe rises on December 11 at Plaza fitness Leonberg, a party for the young and young at heart, for all generation people”level. DJ Chris Farrell and special guest DJ Alex are provide with a groovy mix of black music, House and party classics of pop and rock atmosphere for the dance-party guests. At the cocktail bar scene Bartenders serve the most delicious drinks and cocktails in a cool atmosphere.

A midnight snack provides the necessary Through old assets while dancing. The de luxe decoration turned the gym into a trendy party landscape. When it celebrates not just on the generous dance floor you can make themselves in the chill out lounge comfortable it and gather new strength for more wild dance rounds. In the game area, gamers on the Wii can show what they can do. The 10 nightlife in Plaza fitness offers something for all ages and for all claims so really, whether rather wild, or rather quiet. The Plaza, which is more than fitness and sport”, so Tanakopoulos next.

We offer reasonable possibilities of leisure activities for all ages, not only for the younger ones and not only in the field of fitness. We would all feel!” The Plaza more than meets this claim with the alignment of the nightlife party series. Then in the night life of Leonberg on Saturday, December 11 from 9: 00 in the Berliner Strasse 49 in the Plaza fitness. Background information the gym Plaza fitness at the Berliner Strasse in Leonberg offers the most effective fitness, training and relaxation methods in modern, friendly atmosphere. In addition to fitness, weight – and circuit training, vibration training with power plate and Slendertone, weight training and nutrition counseling includes also health-oriented courses and training methods, such as back fitness classes. The cosy Spa area invites you to feel good and relax.


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Bodybuilding Muscle

Put important basics to build muscle in the fitness & bodybuilding the right training to growth stimulation to the muscle fiber to our muscles, in particular, to animate to grow we have to give them a reason to do so. This occasion is a resulting from the training muscle stimulus in our muscle fibers. This muscle stimulation can be done in various ways, for this purpose, a countless amount of free – as well as guided exercises available are the athletes. Aims, that must meet new challenges of the muscle fibres and are exposed to many situations in which a continuous adaptation of the muscles must be. The muscle tries the tasks are presented him to adapt. This means that if we in our exercise last force create the last repetitions of a set, or did maybe even just with the help of a training partner, then we have a stimulus used in our muscle, this is try to be able to cope with the weight just fine in the future better. This growth is of course only possible if We bring in training our muscles to their limits. Should we make our training stint with light weight without further ADO to the last repetition represents a special challenge for the muscle and the desired growth stimulus fails to materialize.

These challenges for our muscles can be used by an increase in the training weights, or through the skilful conversion of exercises with each other, also a new stimulus can be triggered with the number of repetitions per set. It is only important that there is an effort in which we the muscle to failure maximum exploit. What exercises or intensities the optimal muscle stimuli at a fitness athlete or bodybuilder is always dependent on the individual type. Here it spared not to make its own exercises through experience in the course of time together one.

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Body Scales Fitness Equipment

Without medical purpose no medical device: most dishes have seen it so far, and so an expensive and time-consuming certification as a medical product saves you the manufacturers of devices or substances for examination or modification of the anatomical structure or a physiological process, if these products were not explicitly medical purposes. This could change now by a recent decision of the Federal Supreme Court (BGH).The medical product definition captures also such items and substances which serve the investigation, replacement or change of the anatomical structure or of a physiological process, without pharmacologically. Such influencing of the anatomical structure or physiological processes is not only classic”medical devices as about implants possible. Rather, the question that even fitness or other training devices, devices that identify biometric data with face detection in personal interlock systems and evaluate, or even banal body scales are captured arises. The same applies to certain wellness or cosmetic devices. However, the previous case law tended to read the unwritten feature of a medical purpose in the definition of medical devices.

Only then, if so state the investigation or modification of the anatomical structure or a physiological process for medical purposes in speech, a medical device subject to certification should be accordingly. Otherwise, it required no expensive and lengthy conformity of such equipment. Which is now the Supreme Court (decision of the 07.04.2011, I ZR 53/09) opposed. According to the BGH, targeting a medical purpose is rather just no unwritten construed of the medicine product concept. The European Court of Justice (ECJ), the Supreme Court has submitted this question to the decision, however, has the last word. While he is BGH to recognise that he nevertheless does not necessarily want to, fitness and other training equipment or body scales the medical product law.

On what criteria such devices but then can be separated from the medicine product concept, suggests the Supreme Court only on, without to deliver final criteria. Just for the operators of innovative borderline products in the fitness, wellness and beauty area, which previously were allowed to imagine themselves due to lack of medical purpose outside of the medical product law, it could be so closely, if the Court follows the opinion of the BGH. Even though until then, it will take some time, also some Court of first instance in the case of competition disputes could now Invert on the line of the BGH and take the marketability of units without proper marking. The market for health products threatens to once again close. Other non-binding and free information related to the medical product law, see

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Easy Sports Official Fitness Partner

With the Reutlinger company of easy sports fitness scorpions to their first Chairman Markus Wurtele can present a new strong fitness partner the fans and assets. With the Reutlinger company of easy sports fitness scorpions to their first Chairman Markus Wurtele can present a new strong fitness partner the fans and assets. With currently 46 modern facilities, easy sports fitness is one of the largest fitness chain in Germany and with over 10 fitness clubs in the greater Stuttgart area an ideal partner for a successful cooperation. For head coach Matthias Mecherlein is the ideal complement to the conventional training and simply no longer imagine the specific strength and endurance training, to meet today’s requirements on a player in the GFL. Here, the equipment of easy sports are characterized by their professional equipment and the sporty atmosphere. The team of the Scorpions can the various areas of easy sports fitness clubs use to regeneration and wellness to get right for the next match point fit to be but also fans of the Scorpions can benefit in the future by the new partnership, as for example through discounted easy sports fitness memberships and a draw at home games of the GFL teams. Accordingly also the statement by M. Wahid is positive: “I’m glad that we have found a partner with easy sports fitness, also allows us players, who live directly in Stuttgart, the possibility to give to develop outside of the training field.”


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