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Higher Parents

A guardianship over- deprive him of the opportunity to be independent. The higher the level fenced off and the elevation of the mother, the lower the level of confidence in his teenage and higher expression of the mercy of public opinion, and a heightened sense of guilt. On the other hand, the higher the level of positive interest to parents of teenagers, the higher the willingness to help others, the more developed his sense of responsibility. The more the mother takes the ratio of the adolescent as a small child, the more he defends his own independence, maturity through intolerance to criticism, to reassess their own capabilities, expression of feelings of superiority over others, excessive insistence, unfriendliness, lack of restraint and temper. Although the emotional instability is also influenced by such factors associated with rapid physical development at this age – the difficulty in functioning heart, lungs, blood supply to the brain. Therefore, for adolescents is characterized by changes in blood pressure, fatigue, mood swings and hormonal storm consequence of which is imbalance.

The ratio of boy to himself as an adult is called the 'sense of adulthood. " This desire is that all treated him not as a small, but as an adult. A sense of adulthood and is manifested in the pursuit of independence, the desire to protect certain aspects of his life from interfering with their parents. The teenager, thinking myself a unique person, at the same time tends outwardly no different from their peers. A typical feature of adolescents is conformity – imitation. The desire to merge with the group, does not stand out, meet security needs. Sometimes teenagers mimic the behavior of a significant person, usually the father.

In case of insufficient criticality teenager, his lack of independence in the judgments of role model can have a negative impact. If parents filed a bad example with regard to alcohol, the adolescent becomes a norm of behavior frequent consumption of alcoholic beverages. Moreover, this example of parents making the treatment of alcoholism is a complex process because it is deeply imprinted in the minds of such behavior as the norm. In the most important thing children do inherit the values of parents. 'Spheres of Influence' parents and peers delineated. Usually transmitted from parents to fundamental aspects of social life. With peers the same advice about 'immediate' issues. However, relations with peers for adolescents are more significant than in adults because it is social isolation from their teenage family genealogy. Adolescence is a period of stormy inner feelings and emotional difficulties. Teenagers are sometimes shy and attach great importance to shortcomings of their appearance and behavior, which leads to a reluctance to meet with some people. Sometimes anxiety paralyzes the social life of a teenager so that he rejects most forms of group activity. According to a survey conducted among adolescents, every 12th to the head came the idea of suicide. Behavioral abnormalities characteristic of almost all adolescents. Characteristics of this age – the sensitivity, mood swings, fear of ridicule, reduced self-esteem. The majority of children over time, this runs by itself, some also need the help of a psychologist. There are trainings on personal growth that will help teenagers to develop healthy self-esteem and its relationship with the outside world. Of course, it is very important remains the preservation of contact between teens and parents, which is achieved by striving for mutual understanding and respect for the feelings and views of each other.

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Consultant Eugene Viktorov

Adenoma of the prostate – a very common disease. In 30-40% of men older than 50 years and 75-90% over 65 years, changes occur in the form of proliferation of glandular tissue in the bladder neck. Prostate adenoma is a benign tumor of the prostate. BPH develops against the background of long-term chronic prostatitis. Until recently the main treatment was surgical adenoma. But now developed many medicines that help stop the growth and even reduce the size of the prostate. Shows the high efficiency of the combined use of two drugs – and Photostim Prostamol Uno.

Photostim – it highly integrated product with a wide action. The high efficacy achieved by the fact that molecules accumulate selectively only Fotostima in tumor cells and patients and then As shown by reviews of patients after the first course of treatment with these drugs stop nocturnal visits to the toilet, pain in the perineum, reduced libido, increased potency is restored harmony of family relations. In one patient, specifically, the size of the adenoma decreased from 55 cc before taking the drugs, up to 11 cc after taking the drugs. Order drugs online can. Russian drug Photostim on efficacy and mechanism of action is unique in the world, it opens up entirely new opportunities to combat diseases. The drug has already been certified by the Ministry of Health and continues his clinical studies in leading medical centers of Russia.

Photostim – this is an extract of active enzymes of chlorophyll, it is a photosensitizer that selectively accumulates only in patients older and tumor cells the body and destroys them from within the oxygen through photosynthesis. It not only destroys the diseased cells, but also contributes to the regeneration of new young and healthy cells, including the mechanism of regeneration of stem cells. Scope Fotostima virtually unlimited, it is not only urology, but also the treatment of uterine fibroids, mastitis, and all other benign tumors of origin. At the heart of its action on the following mechanisms: – from the blood of the drug gets into diseased cells and activates the co-factors that allow cells to restore the structural integrity and healthy energy potential. – Diseased cells occupy a large number of Fotostima – under the influence of daylight photosynthesis reaction takes place with the release of large amounts of energy and diseased cells literally “burn out” of this energy. In place of the sick come to the new healthy cells and is gradual recovery of the prostate. A more detailed material about the positive effects on the body can be read at.

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