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But this time there was not a critical word in the German-speaking media. Turkish press reported biased rather consider that the Turkish press reporting partial adheres stubbornly. Actually, this statement 2008 meets the conditions in Turkey. For even more details, read what Nancy Dubuc says on the issue. But in the German-language coverage, what is overlooked is the fact that now daily newspapers, which make up one-third of the total in Turkey, spread the opinion of conservative Islamic-oriented ACP to almost 100 percent (see chart of Edition). When even the reigning Prime Minister calls to boycott of the newspapers, represented a different opinion, so there is indeed a considerable danger for democracy in Turkey, rated Jurgen p.

foot, editor in Chief of current Turkey Rundschau, the only German-speaking weekly newspaper for the current situation in Turkey Turkey! But not Therefore, because there is a media group that is (yet) economically strong enough to the ACP critical that look at fingers and to oppose the opinion dictates of that party. But regardless of democracy in Turkey works only very inadequately to the present day. The reasons are diverse in nature and in politics, the party landscape and last but not least in the educational level of a large part of the Turkish population to seek. Once again foot: whoever believes that the AKP is the right address to make Turkey a functioning democracy, which has this party still not figured out. ATR – current, critical, uncensored information current and uncensored reports about the Turkey, see each issue of current Turkey Rundschau (ATR) and in the monthly current Turkey magazine (ATM).

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