The Inefficient

The inefficient reader see more in detail the characteristics of an inefficient reader: 1. read slowly. The majority of readers, without proper training, they read between 75 and 150 words per minute. This speed is equivalent, if we are located in a highway going 15 miles per hour where it says 65 mph. At that speed, any book seems a never-ending task and reading is an exhausting exercise. To know more about this subject visit Robert Rimberg Lawyer.

2 Read all the same. The inefficient reader not adapted their reading speed to the type of material you are reading, or your need with respect to the same. 3 It subvocaliza. Read aloud, which is equivalent to reading aloud, but without producing sound. You are saying what they are reading for himself and certainly believes that if it does not you will not understand. Nothing is further from the truth, as we will see later, because efficient reading pass, necessarily, by the abandonment of this defect and the step to truly mental or silent reading.

4 Reads and rereads continuously. Slow, fractionation of the text and the consequential loss of concentration forcing the inefficient reader to be rereading line by line, to be able to grasp the meaning. 5 Read without rhythm. Not having trained its eye movements, the inefficient reader reads with irrregulares movements and often loses the attachment point and the line that was reading. 6. Has a limited catchment area. When we learned to read, taught us, first, to read syllables, and then, to form words. Inefficient readers read, even after many years, in the same way. Set your sight on pieces of words, following the sound of them. Our uptake capacity is, however, much higher than that and we can, with a basic training, capture complete phrases in each eye fixation. 7 You lose concentration. Very often, the inefficient reader goes through periods of loss of concentration and, typically, reaches the end of a paragraph or page only to realize that his eyes went through the text, but remembers nothing.

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