Sensei Diego Autor

begin: imagine that it is Friday afternoon you arrive your home, you turn the TV, and they are giving the results of the lottery, and you played the lottery. When you start to see the numbers drawn on the screen you das account that you’ve won $ 10 million, but is Friday afternoon and you can do cash on Monday morning.Your weekend is going to be very different, the only thing you need is a piece of paper in your pocket, but you tell me this paper is worth 10 million, you have the feeling and the sentiment that will become effective on Monday morning, anything that provides you a feeling and the feeling similar to how when you have the winning ticket in your Pocketanything can get it, you can attract it.You must install in your psychological structure this law of attraction, and train yourself every day in present tense.You have to take a piece of paper, a pencil or a pen and return to the days of your childhood and think of all the negative messages that you’ve received from your parents, your environment close to that are hindering your life present at the affective, emotional level and in your wheel of prosperity this exercise can not do it for you, you must devote time to reflect and write down those negative messages you received in your childhood.The brain has two parts, the part that thinks and the part that verifies what you’ve been thinking about is what has determined your current life, it would be interesting to think about in this respect and make the previous year.Thoughts are a type of very interesting energy, not only created the reality, have the ability to expand and persist, if you have a thought unless you give it you think, turns into something eternal.Only if you take control of your life and these aware of this power can be a co-creator of your life, but you’re adrift. And you can do it only if you face with the programming that you have received in your childhood doing the exercise which you proposed, changing these negative thoughts by thoughts and positive affirmations..

Thursday, February 4th, 2021 News