Mental Health

With ajuno of the emphases, Psychology of the Health (attended a course for one of the researchers) ePsicologia of the Work (attended a course for the other researcher) becomes fullfilled such study, that it joins two different vises of the diligent individual. Of a side concepode that the citizen brings I obtain a load of expectations of infancy, ansiedadese the necessity of personal accomplishment, and another side, the vision of the citizen nocontexto of intersubjetivas relations, where this affects and is affected by the seumeio. They have it clinical and social vision of the diligent individual. Estetrabalho searchs expansion of knowledge of this area considered small aindanos days current, that involves something of great importance, that is the doTrabalhador Health, contributing for a more global vision of the citizen. In our first chapter we will go to tell to brevementeo passage of the Psychology of the Work. With this we select the maisrepresentativos aspects throughout history, since its sprouting until the days dehoje. With prominence to the three faces of the Psychology of the Work, that in the demaneira sample ' ' sutil' ' all the way covered for this science in the mbitoorganizacional. In as the chapter sefaz necessary to know the conceptions that consider more important acercado concept of Health and Work, as well as the interfaces entreambos gifts, thus making possible, significant agreement on the same ones.

The important quo is perceived here, is the definitions of these concepts, vistoque is from them that if the way could elaborate with bigger clearness until Psicodinmica. Oprincipal approach of this study, as cited previously it is the chamadPsicodinmica of the Work, created for Christophe Dejours in 1983. With roots nPsicopatologia of the Work, the Psicodinmica leaves of side the antigoconceito happened of the Psicopatologia, to break domomento where Dejourspassa to perceive through its research of field, that Mental Health eTrabalho, goes very beyond a simple patologisante bias.

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