Exproof Portable Searchlight

The successor of the portable lamp SHL 300-ex ex-secure mobile device specialist has optimized important functions. The successor of the portable lamp SHL 300-ex ex-secure mobile device specialist has optimized important functions. The SHL is approved for the highest levels of risk in areas with dust or gas after latest ATEX standard 350 ex (zone 0 and 20). So that it meets these requirements, their rugged, impact-resistant housing is antistatic and dust – and waterproof according to IP 65. The dimensions are 140 x 190 x 300 mm (width x height x depth) at only 2.4 kg weight. Three high performance LEDs produce a broad, uniform beam of 10,000 lux (at distance) brightness with fully charged batteries. Also the new, temperature compensated battery capacity indicator, which ensures a precise information of the current battery charge at any temperature is optimal. The operation lasts minimum 6 hours with a fully charged battery, depending on the function selected.

A wider cone of light is used for special applications, this can be extended with the help of the Optional lenses. Additional colour filters and a flashing mode make a beacon from the spotlight. The SHL 350 ex has an emergency light function in normal as well as in the charging operation. Occurs a failure, E.g. due to electrical defect or temperature problems, is operated by pressing the emergency button on the lamp with reduced light output and the hazardous area can be left safely. Of course the searchlight also has the common emergency lighting function, if the mains voltage fails during charging. A LED should fail during operation, even a high light output is ensured by an intelligent control system. A dimming function between 25% and 100% brightness executable in 25% increments for the normal and the flashing mode is also integrated into the handheld spotlight.

The users to work freely have both hands, the handheld Spotlight without the additional posts provided safely. Thanks to the ergonomic design, the lamp is always safe and stable, even though the lamp head is swivelled. With the riser, the SHL can also transport 350-ex. The luminaire is suitable for a wide range of ambient temperatures from-20 C to + 50 C and thus offers a wide field of application. With all these features, the portable search light is an ideal partner for the maintenance of systems (in cut-offs), tank cleaning u.v.m. He is equally suitable for use by the Fire Department because of its robustness and reliability. For this reason, the development of the handheld Spotlight oriented strongly to the fire appliance standard DIN 14642 (Searchlight, explosion-proof). Thus, the SHL is 350 ex a searchlight, whose Leistung in his environment is so far unsurpassed.

Wednesday, March 10th, 2021 News