Espirito Santo

' ' Rebellious, stubborn people of heart and ears! Vocs is equal to its ancestor: they always resist the Espirito Santo! ' ' IF THE SPIRIT IS RESISTED THIS IT COULD BE EXTINGUISHED. I Ts.5: 19.' ' They do not erase the Spirit. IF THE SPIRIT IS EXTINGUISHED, THE HEART IF IT BECOMES HARD. Hb. 3:8 – 19. do not harden the heart, as in the rebellion, during the time of the provao in the desert, where to its they had tried me ancestor, putting me it the test, although, during forty years, to have seen what I made. Therefore I was irado against that generation and said: Its heart is always if deviating, and they had not recognized my ways.

Thus I swore in my anger: They will never enter in mine descanso' '. Care, brothers, so that none of vocs has perverse and incredulous heart, that if moves away from the alive God. In contrast, ones to the others is encouraged every day, during the time that if calls ' ' hoje' ' , in way that none of vocs is hardened by the deceit of the sin, therefore we start to be participant of Christ, since whom, in fact, let us become attached in them until the end to the confidence that we had in the principle. Therefore it is that it is said: ' ' If today vocs to hear its voice, do not harden the heart, as in rebelio' '. Who had been the ones that had heard and they had been rebelled? Had not been all the ones that Moiss took off of Egypt? Against who God it was irado during forty years? It was not against that they had sinned, whose bodies had fallen in the desert? to who swore that never they would have to enter in its rest? It was not to that they had been disobedient? We see, thus, that because of the incredulity they had not been able entrar' '.

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