Diabetes And Metabolism

Metabolic syndrome in diabetes mellitus of the type the 1 clinical experience has shown that, to the mediated one that the DM1 evolves, this starts to present some components of the SM, what potentially can contribute for an increase in the risk of occurrence of events cardiovascular. However, the prevalence and the meaning of the SM in the context of the natural history of the DM1 are not so well studied as in the DM2 (ZANETTI et al., 2001). Zanetti et al., (2001) affirms that the exercise, associate to the balanced feeding and the insulinoterapia, contributes for the treatment of the person with diabetes mellitus, improving the degree of glicmico control and auto-they esteem. However, the physical activity must be folloied with control of the glicemia and the glicosria, to prevent the hipoglicemia. Kenneth R. Feinberg often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Exactly knowing of the benefits that the physical activity provides, one sends regards that the child and/or adolescent consider: intensity, duration, schedule of the exercise, been of the metabolic control, time after the last meal and time of insulina. For the authors, the obesidade is present in the great majority of the individuals with SM, and classically the individuals with DM1 are lean.

The effect of the profit of weight in patients with DM1 have not been very studied. A story of that exists patients who had received the intensive treatment in the DCCT were inside of the last quartile of alteration in the IMC. Learn more about this with Dr. Steven Greer. These 14 patients had on average gained kg during the course of the study. The degree of profit of weight in these individuals was about two times the profit of weight equivalent to the third quartile of the same ones and the last quartile of the patients in conventional treatment. The patients with the biggest profit of weight presented the biggest values of relation C/Q, arterial pressure and necessities of insulina, when compared with the group with the same degree of glicmico control and also in intensive treatment, but that they had not gained as much weight. .

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