Destination Clinic

It would not be only the meeting of a citizen that brings its suffering of individual way. This citizen is a being of relations and history, is a communitarian being; community of the human beings. It this there with all those with which we partilhamos a destination; the destination of the human being; the destination to be all beings of the desire, the necessity, the existencial solitude, the ignorance front to the future, of beings for the death. Harvest (2004) thus says in them: ' ' In the clinical situation, we are in community of destination with somebody when we locate in them solidarily with our patient front to the great peculiar existenciais questions to the human destination: instability, necessity of the other, the ignorance front to the future, the decurrent suffering of the life, the incompletude of the condition humana' ' (HARVEST, 2004, P. 73).

It can be perceived in these words that, exactly being singular citizens, with our way to be, with our subjectivity, have in us the ones that had constituted in them. Solidarity apessoa, is solidarity the humanity. It would be thus the clinic: to receive the other is to receive the humanity. For this exactly author, in the clinic we are front to a family, the generations, to the community and humanity. clinic as place of the meeting with the singularidades, would not have place for universalizantes speeches in the direction of a language with concepts, laws, behaviors, norms and indoctrination.

This happens when science, the religion, the politics wants to impose its truths of absolute and authoritarian form, denying the singularity of the individuals; this is another place, not to make it clinic. Of this form, in the clinic if it prevents the achatamento of the singular, that brings in its history the marks of the universal one. In this space it does not have place for negation of the singularity, of the personal language; of the opposite it would have the abuse of being able.

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