Ulla Popken

Main sponsor Ulla Popken fits perfectly to the event, because when the fashion chain is the credo, that every woman, regardless of their size, which should develop lust in your own style. “Under the motto curtain on for my fashion” the label presents its customers monthly Collections. Of course you will find here also the right outfit for the pounds-pleasure of dance. Has even the right partner been at the party under certain circumstances? That pleased,”adds Ferdinand Trindade at our partner Cinemaxx can in comfort chairs in cinema then 13 be snuggled or pairs particularly well practiced at a ski school in the alpincenter Bottrop of the flight bow.” On October 11, 2008, it is as far from 21: 00. On Zeche Ewald in Herten, all are welcome who are at least 18 years old and like to celebrate. Whether you alone or in the company reached 100 pounds, plays no roll from the perspective of the Organizer every guest is welcome! Information about the party and tickets see more information about the event get you there if required by the company Terra Azul, Ferdinand Trindade, Tel: 0209-275028 or. Press inquiries and Verena Schmidt Vollmecke pleased to interview requests under 02045-402290 or. Additional info: 1 1 per guest flow dates, or KIG obesity as a donation to the children’s Hospital 2.

“As more candy, there are following highlights: the first guest is the entire evening free Red Bull Sugarfree consume the first 111 guests we invite cinema 13 for the 222 guest to a joint and exclusive Sunday matinee on the Cinemaxx a cooking lesson for two persons in the reserved cooking workshop-Ruhr is guest 333. all-inclusive will receive a splendid for two people” tag in the alpincenter Bottrop visitor 555. Popken receives a merchandise voucher over 300 by the main sponsor Ulla the coronation for the 1111th guest as immediately present there is a steel bed by Noodles.de the guest who makes work with us, receives a beautiful box of Warsteiner 3 for use at home. For Ulla Popken we stage a style of life”as a fashion show. This means that we female models in clothing by Ulla Popken in everyday Present situations, E.g. in the case of nail fashion, when ironing, in common conversation on the sofa, on the computer, on the phone, etc. “” “The scenery is built in an area in which the guest between the models around or over can run so that they can consider the mode of Ulla Popken in realistic situations and may also ask: how feel the fabric?” or seats you are comfortable in the costume? “or knowledge she what it costs?” The fashion touch source: Bundesgesundheits survey (1998) and German heart cardiovascular study (DHP), KIGGS study of the Robert Koch Institute, telephone health survey (2003) of the Robert Koch Institute../gstel03.pdf

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