Island Of Solta In Croatia

Information on the Dalmatian island of Solta with split the island of Solta is in the Adriatic sea west of BRAC. Solta is 19 kilometers long and five kilometers wide. Approximately 1500 people live from agriculture, fishing and tourism. Solta has an eventful history. The Adriatic island was mentioned for the first time in the fourth century BC. A part of the then population of Solta fled the Croatian City Salona on the island destroyed by Avars and Slavs in the 7th century.

Neat wine – and olive cultures, rare herbs and excellent honey attracted many visitors on the island already in the past. At the time of the Roman Emperor Diocletian, the Adriatic island of Solta was a destination for merchant fleets. Because the island has to offer a lot for the rest of the tourists. Today, many visitors come here, boat excursions in picturesque bays with crystal clear water and the picturesque little ports and fishing villages such as Grohote, Maslinica or Rogac to find peace and relaxation. In the port of Maslinica an old fishing village at the You can enjoy the southern atmosphere in one of the many Cafes, restaurants and ice cream parlours West coast of island of Solta. Anyway it is rather introspective on Solta.

A night life allowing for, nor a disco will bother you here. A highlight is the fisherman’s Festival in the summer in Maslinica. During the traditional festival of the native population there to admire much Dalmatian folklore and culinary cooking skills. The kitchen on Solta is easy and nutritious. The Dalmatian cuisine much olive oil is combined with grilled fish and meat. This corresponds to the recommendations of the modern Ernahrungsforschung.Der name of Maslinica Maslina derives from the word olive = off. In the vicinity of Maslinica, there to discover many secluded bays with crystal clear water and Rocky and pebble beaches. The crystal clear Adriatic Sea to Solta is suitable above all for diving. To get a pristine underwater flora and fauna. Also, who would like to snorkel, to come at his own expense. Much on the land of Solta there to discover. Hiking in varied nature with beautiful trails to beautiful sea bays or guided herb walks through the world of the island vegetation promise a beautiful vacation day. If you prefer a larger RADIUS for is cycling mountain bike on the island of Solta right. In addition to the own physical fitness, cycling has to get the advantage in areas of Solta, you can not reach the car. Including the Mediterranean terrace gardens on the sun-drenched hills. The island of Solta by the construction of the highway Zagreb-split is easy to reach by car. Coming from the direction of Munich the Salzburg-Villach-Ljubljana Zagreb-split line is recommended. An alternative is the line about Venice-Rijeka-Zadar and Sibenik. It is longer, but by the possibility of a side trip to Venice it is worth. If you arrive by plane, is an international airport which is served by all German lines and Charter companies 30 km from split. Split ferry port can be reached from the Airport via a bus transfer. By train and bus, the journey is straightforward. The bus and train station is close to the ferry port of split. It is a few steps to the ferry after Solta.

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