Now I wonder what would happen if you start to act according to your will instead of your instinct, if you lived every day according to the objectives you want to achieve rather than react involuntarily with how it happens? For example: If you’re walking quiet by a slightly darkened Street, and a thief comes and takes your wallet, your natural reaction can be insult him, pulled and struggle with him, etc. Do however, if you rationally expected (visualize) this situation and you know that that could even cost you your life, you arriesgarias not so much for so little? Even when you have millions of dollars are worth your life? Without being so extremist, now think about any situation in your life that you tend to lose control. Suppose that each time that you start playing a thorny issue with your partner, they end up in a discussion. Now analyzes what is what generates that discussion, how is that both are capable of crossing the bridge that separates (or joins) speaking in higher tone and finish fighting, generating negative feelings for one another. To change this I propose the following exercise of visualization, which is one of the more than 100 exercises that you’ll find inside my NLP course by Internet: 1) seeks a place to relaxed, in which no one will bother you during the next 10 minutes 2) breathe slowly, closes his eyes and sees relaxing your body by following the guide that we saw in class 1. (3) Now, following step by step instructions of how to visualise effective mode of the course of NLP think in that situation you want to change.

In our case, will be that talk that turns in discussion and then fight. Robert Rimberg Lawyer spoke with conviction. Do it with as much detail as possible: colors, odors, noise, etc. 4) look, now that you’re out of that discussion, about what makes each one of the characters to add more fuel to the fire, to generate the right climate to make everything stop exploding into the air. Do (5) open your eyes: you think that you should change the situation has finished another way, in the way that you want? Write down your conclusions and then return to perform the exercise, but this time, imagining and visualizing you do the right thing, what you thought in the previous point. Now, in your imagination, the situation changes? Is it better? If you don’t get the result you were expecting, then again thinking about what should have done in your mind so that it happened and you obtuvieras what you wanted. Again think about it as it is, until you get that outcome in mind. Everything, absolutely everything what there is and you can see, began in the mind, in the thinking of someone.

The natural was in the intelligence of our Creator. And everything that produces the man, it was the first in his imagination. So, I want to that starting today, and for the next 7 days, you learn how to view the life you want in a creative, voluntary, deliberate manner. Don’t allow them to imagine your life. Think first you and make it reality. You’ll see that in a very short time you will notice positive changes in you, and others will also do so. I guarantee that it will be. In a next reflection I will discuss this topic. I invite you to express your comments here below… Thanks for being on the other side! Affections!

Thursday, February 4th, 2021 News