Elvira Schick

Especially to make sure that the boats have the appropriate quality, they must be particularly robust and resistant. Go to Dr. Steven Greer for more information. A boat is filled with eight people. A great pleasure the man determines a climbing course, which is also partly to remind him of the most beautiful experiences of childhood. How many times he came home scratched, bleeding knees. And he was at the time quite bravely, he not cried the worst wounds, though it was also hurting, but moms treated loving soft hands so delicate that they were soon forgotten.

So, you can enjoy the climbing course with the whole family. Since then have everything: adventure, fun, fitness. Best drive in the recreation area of the Greifensteine. Because the nature is still untouched. It is good, if one drives also have a bit more sport before the course, because skill and endurance are already in demand.

One moves into the forest, where there are rope bridges, that lead up to 13 feet in height. You can swing from tree to tree like a monkey. Virtually everyone can join it, because people are protected by professional climbing harnesses, there are also trained instructors on-site, which are all lovingly care. The participants are naturally exhausted after climbing and as everyone on the welcome recovery in the mountain restaurant Greifensteine is pleased. It is served a rustic climbing meal with a drink. One remembers the table again to the wonderful Experiences of the day, talks quiet fascinating candle light with newfound friends. A very special gift for a brave man, which makes the adrenaline rise immediately would be a parachute jump. But no panic, no one there risking his life. It will be jumped in tandem. And it is very simple; they are prepared of course to do this thoroughly. Only an experienced tandem master will explain everything to you, patiently answer your excited questions, so he talks about the whole process of the parachute jump. The conversation usually only twenty minutes. But then also practical exercises are performed. The tandem master will show you heard all the equipment a Fallschirm-of Knight: a special harness, jump combination, leather CAP and goggles. The plane will take you to the height of 4000 meters. All the equipment is checked again, then you will be connected through the harness with the tandem master. You need to have, because it does everything for you the tandem master, because even not afraid enjoy the free fall now. How do you feel in such minutes? That’s adorable, it floats like a bird, is between heaven and Earth. Then you arrive amid applause of those present on the Earth. And another gift for the man that has anything to do with the float in the air, of course, that is the five-hour flight. The man has the ability to flutter just all worried the Earth for this time. Here you need to worry about your security, it was thought on everything, you may enjoy everything. The houses, people and animals appear soon so the size of a matchbox, everyday life is behind you, you get a stimulating sense of unlimited freedom. To experience something, it’s worth to rise up into the air. The wind keeps your direction, he pushes you, but don’t worry, they are not alone, the qualified balloon pilots have everything in sight. So as an original gift watch there are unlimited possibilities, a man Cook, a real gift that brings much joy to him. And you need not much you unleash your imagination just. So good luck! Elvira Schick

Wednesday, January 27th, 2021 News