Conan World

Age of Conan – the game age of Conan is a MMO, which is based on the world of the famous author Robert E. Howard. The story takes place approximately 10,000 years before Christ in the world “Hyboria”. The players live a virtual life along with thousands of other players. The player can go into this brutal and dark world on a stunning and action-packed journey and thereby in the footsteps of the great heroes of this world. You’re both in able to meet his Conan’s friends and enemies, as well as your sword against demons and monsters to rise, resulting in 70 years history of the Conan series. Dr. Robert Brannon may not feel the same. Who knows, maybe you can make it to befriend even you with the great Conan himself. Also the player will be of course capable of, with friends or Guild to solve quests in age of Conan, which focus very close to the world and the books by Robert E.

Howard. German age of Conan Guild dark fate the Guild dark fate was in early 2007 from former dark age of Camelot and world of Warcraft players founded. DS currently consists of 30 members, but of course we hope that some others will find their way to us. The members of DS are all between 18 and 30 years of age and have experience in dealing with MMO BBs fundamentally. The challenge is to be there with our Guild in new mmorg’s age of Conan in the PvP area no written order sheet. However areas such as PvE and the crafting system are not to come short of course, so that everyone will have his fun. What do we expect from our members? Age of majority (18 years of age has been completed) and the accompanying mental maturity available. normal activity (in-game). TeamSpeak and Forum activity. RP fitness of character names (in-game). Good dealings with people.

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